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What “High Touch Service” Means and How MYM Delivers It To Our Clients

Contractor Scams

Two things that separate good online marketing companies from GREAT online companies are response times and the ability to solve a client’s issue.

A top-five complaint I hear from contractors about internet marketing companies (even the decent ones) is that they don’t communicate well enough and fast enough.

It may take the marketing company a few days to get back with the contractor. And when they do, the answer is often unsatisfactory, vague, or doesn’t completely fix the problem.

MYM is the complete, total, 100% opposite.

Let me tell you about a recent example…

On April 12th at 4:37 pm, one of our newer clients emailed our Digital Services Director, Katie Colihan.

He said he kept getting calls from a random phone number. Whenever he answered, a recording played that said our client’s business listing is not verified with Google and to “press 1” to verify.

The client smelled something fishy about these calls, so he emailed Katie to see if she could confirm that it was, in fact, a scam.

Now, here’s where communication between client and marketing company tend to break down. The average online marketing company MIGHT get back to you… usually in a few days… and usually with a response along the line of, “That sucks. Try contacting Google.”

Not us.

At 5:24 pm that same day (47 minutes later), Katie emailed our client the following:

Quick update on this – Kim and I did some digging and found out 3 things:

  1. That your Google Listing is indeed verified
  2. The phone # that called you is known to be a scam number (See here)
  3. Google reinforces that calls like this are scams (see here)

So rest assured that your business is perfectly fine – and that’s just a bunch of whack-a-doodles trying to scam ya.

We not only verified the client’s Google Listing ourselves in less than an hour; we also researched the mysterious phone number and provided advice on how to handle these calls in the future.

Bottom Line: We solve our clients’ problems—quickly and thoroughly.

Our “high-touch” service is no accident; we’ve structured our company specifically to provide unparalleled client communication and support. How this came to be is actually an interesting story, and you should read about it on our New Client Criteria page.

After that, think about whether you could use the kind of internet marketing company like MYM.

The kind that ALWAYS has your back, ALWAYS responds quickly, and ALWAYS gives “full measure” to solve problems.

That wouldn’t be a bad marketing company to have in your corner, would it?

P.S. Speaking of giving full measure… we provide free comprehensive lead-generation and marketing audits to all contractors interested in our services. We like to show prospective clients right up front that we mean BUSINESS. So click here now to get started—it’s $4,500 worth of services on the house.

P.P.S. If a suspicious phone number ever calls you, look it up on It’s a free reverse-phone-number-lookup database in which the general public posts information about questionable phone numbers that call them.

For example, here’s the page for the phone number that called our client.

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