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How To Get More Sales From Your Mailers

milking new movers like the cash cow they are
Let me throw some numbers about new movers at you…

According to a recent Scarborough report, new homeowners are more likely than established homeowners (people who have lived in their homes for over three years) to invest in the following:

  • 53% more likely to repair or replace their floors

  • 47% more likely to replace their HVAC systems

  • 47% more likely to have their homes painted

  • 45% more likely to remodel their kitchens

  • 34% more likely to replace their siding

  • 33% more likely to augment their homes with additions

  • 32% more likely to remodel their bathrooms

  • 29% more likely to replace their windows

  • 24% more likely to upgrade the exterior of their homes

  • 14% more likely to get roof repair or replacement

In other words: New movers are a gold mine for contractors.

No “ifs.”

No “ands.”

No “buts.”

No bull.

Honestly, these numbers are no surprise. When people move into an existing home, there will always be at least one thing they want to change/remodel/renovate/add.

The question is, how do you make sure they spend their money on YOU?

The obvious answer is internet marketing: website, SEO, PPC, and so on.


Do you want to know an even faster way to get in a new mover’s face and make them think of you—and ONLY you—when they consider their project?

Good old-fashioned direct mail… and lots of it.

I’m not talking about one or two mailers. If you only send a couple postcards, you’ll get crap results.

I mean hitting new movers consistently and frequently.

How consistently and frequently?

Let’s dive into the numbers and figure it out.

First, determine how much you normally spend on marketing to generate a sale.

Not a lead—a sale.

Example: Let’s say you spend $250 per lead and convert 33% of them into sales. That means you’re paying $750 per sale.

Next, estimate the percentage of new movers you think you can convert into a sale if you consistently and frequently mail to them.

What’s that? You don’t know how many you can convert?

Newsflash: No one ever knows for sure the results a marketing campaign will generate. Not even yours truly.

So let’s just go with a conservative estimate of 1%. That means you sell one job for every 100 people you consistently mail to on a regular basis.

This means you have a budget of—wait for it—$750 per 100 new movers to cover mailing costs.

Stop a second and take those numbers in.

If your mailings cost $0.50 per piece, that means you can afford to send 15 mailers to all 100 of those new movers ($750 x $0.50 / 100 people).

This lets you…

  • Establish a rapport.
  • Get the homeowners familiar with your name.
  • Educate them about who you are, what you do, and why you do it better.
  • Let them get settled in and start a project when they’re good and ready.
  • Nudge them into taking action on the project they know they want or need to do.
  • Outlast all the other guys who send a measly one or two (or zero!) mailers.

But why stop there?

If you want to get MAXIMUM mojo out of your mailers, here’s what you do…

After two or three months of mailing your new movers, hire someone to drive around and knock on their doors to see if they’re interested in a home improvement project. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how open and willing to talk these new movers are.


Because a good chunk of them want what you sell… and they want it NOW!

Canvassing in today’s day and age may sound a little “old fashioned.” But try it and see what happens—I’m 99.7% certain you’ll experience great results as long as you mail your prospects frequently.

If you don’t want to take the time and effort to create a powerful direct-mail campaign, let us do it for you.


P.S. Here are some sample “new mover” mailers to get your brain juices flowing:

new mover mailer example 1

new mover mailer example 2

new mover mailer example 3

new mover mailer example 4


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