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Would You Let Your Family Doctor Perform Brain Surgery On You?

If you needed brain surgery, which of the following would you choose…

     A. General Practitioner

general practioner checking on a woman's health

Expertise: Deals with colds, the flu, chicken pox, and 752 other ailments.

Brain-Surgery Experience: None. The closest he ever gets to seeing a brain is when he peeks in your ears with his otoscope.

     B. Renowned Neurosurgeon

neurosurgeon analyzing brainscan

Expertise: Handles ONLY neurosurgical procedures.

Brain-Surgery Experience: Has dedicated his life to neurosurgery. Graduated first in his class from the top neurosurgery school in the nation. Has performed 1,793 successful brain operations.

If your gray matter needs a tune-up, it’s obvious which of these two you’d choose to “peak under the hood.”

This is not a knock on general practitioners; they do one of the most important jobs in the world.

But let’s face it…

Certain things require the expertise of a specialist to ensure success.

…One of those things is pay per click.


If you’re a contractor, it can be tough to get good results by hiring a PPC “generalist.”

Unfortunately, 98% of PPC companies are generalists. They don’t specialize in any specific industry; they use the same strategies for EVERY type of business, whether you’re a contractor or a dentist or a car salesman or a brain surgeon.

And if you know anything about marketing, you know that “one size” does not fit all when it comes to consumers.

Sure, there are overlapping desires among consumers no matter what they’re buying. Someone buying a new television wants some of the same things as someone who’s remodeling their kitchen: quality, a good price, a sense of satisfaction with their purchase, and so on.

But those are surface-level, “big-picture” desires. There are industry-specific buying triggers for both of these markets. And they do not overlap.

Case in point: Many of MYM’s PPC clients have used PPC generalists, and here is some of what they experienced…

  • Few leads (since their ads were not speaking directly to THEIR markets’ desires)
  • Low-quality leads (since their ads were not optimized for the type of customer they wanted)
  • High cost per lead (as a direct result from the low quality leads the campaign brought in)
  • Low impression share (because their ads were not interesting to people, Google relegated them to the bottom of the search results page… or didn’t show them at all!)

The only way to identify and activate the industry-specific buying triggers of your market through PPC is with the experience and knowledge that comes with practice. Years upon years of practice.

I’d know… MYM is one of the only PPC providers that work exclusively in the remodeling and home improvement industry.

We have a crack team of PPC gurus who have almost a decade of experience in contractor PPC. They have worked out the absolute best keywords for the industry, the exact wording that remodeling and home improvement ads need to get maximum clicks, and everything a contractor’s PPC campaign needs to pull in leads at the lowest possible cost.

This is why we’re the only company that can offer No-Risk PPC Lead Generation. Utilizing our exclusive strategies, we guarantee contractors a cost per lead of $200 or less. Many times, a lot less than that—we’ve got clients with a cost per lead of less than $50!

Hey… contractor PPC may not be brain surgery. But it’s complex enough to require a specialist—not a generalist—to get maximum results.

For more info about MYM No-Risk PPC Lead Generation, shoot an email to with your questions. We’ll get back to you quickly with the details you want.


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The Most Offensive Company Response to a Bad Review I’ve Ever Seen

child surprised by a company response

In a previous post I showed you an example of responding to negative online feedback the right way.

Here is now an example of the exact OPPOSITE way to respond to a bad online review. This comes from a company’s Better Business Bureau page. I’ve removed all names to save the company any further embarrassment (though they probably deserve it).

First, the complaint. It’s massive, so I’ll post only a portion of it…

snapshot of a company negative review

Basically, the customer wasn’t satisfied with the work. When they called the company, they got the runaround. The customer says they eventually got so frustrated that they contacted their credit card company, which refunded the cost of the project.

Now, here is how the company responded. This is 100% real…

This is not only ridiculously unprofessional… it is offensive, petty, and crosses a dozen lines in terms of acceptability. I am blown away that anyone would EVER do business with this company.

I don’t have to worry about YOU reacting like this to a bad online review. But here is my point…

When a customer leaves negative feedback about you on a review website, do NOT get defensive in your response.

It’s easy to blame the installers, the sales manager, or even the customer. It may even actually be their fault. But DON’T BLAME THEM.

If you’re the owner, take full responsibility. Acknowledge the customer’s feelings. Thank them for providing their honest feedback. Apologize for not meeting their standards (even if it’s not your fault). Then tell the customer you’ll reach out to them to try to make things right.

Here’s what will happen when you do this:

  • Nine times out of ten, you’ll be able to come to a resolution with the unsatisfied customer. Studies shows customers who have a bad experience return to a company if the problem is solved quickly and satisfactorily. In many instances, customers will also amend their negative review and leave you positive feedback.
  • You’ll now retain that customer for future projects and referrals.
  • It will let potential prospects reading your response know that you’re professional. You do everything you can to ensure customer satisfaction.

Now, there ARE circumstances where a customer is just being an irrational jerk and writing bad stuff about you because they apparently have nothing better to do.

When responding to those types of reviews, feel free to explain your side of the situation in your reply. Just do so in a calm, rational manner. Still make sure to say something along the lines of “I’m truly sorry we weren’t able to make you happy.” Being the bigger person will build trust in any potential prospects reading your response.

Bottom line: When responding to a negative online review, it’s always best to keep on smiling… even if it’s through gritted teeth.

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Billionaire CEO Teaches You How to Respond to Bad Online Reviews

millionaire teaches you to reply to bad reviews

Elon Musk isn’t your average self-made billionaire CEO.

The man who launched Tesla Motors and SpaceX (a private-sector space exploration company—yes, really!) has a net worth of $20.7 billion. This currently puts him in 43rd place on Forbes’ wealthiest people list. He also has over 40,000 employees, runs a non-profit artificial intelligence research company, and recently founded a neurotechnology company with the goal of treating brain diseases.

Oh, and he’s 46 years old.

You’d think a guy trying to launch people into space and cure brain diseases would be too busy to respond to online reviews.

But you’d be wrong.

On August 18, 2017, a Tesla customer took to Twitter to lodge a complaint directly to Musk:

Paul Franks Tweet to Elon Musk

In just 24 minutes, Musk replied:

Elon Musk Response to Paul Franks

Holy crap.

Musk’s tweet is a master class in responding to online criticism from customers. Let’s dissect the tweet, so we can see how Musk gets it right…

  • He responds quickly.
  • He himself responds (not some intern or lower-level employee).
  • He makes the customer feel important by acknowledging the customer has a good idea.
  • He offers a solution the customer will find satisfying.
  • He makes zero excuses and does not shift blame.

This is the Mona Lisa of responding to negative online reviews. And it’s SO SIMPLE.

You can—and SHOULD—follow in Elon Musk’s footsteps. Respond to every online review. The good. The bad. The ugly.

This shows you actually give a hoot about your customers. It creates goodwill not only with the customer, but with the prospects who are looking at your online reviews to determine if they should choose you for THEIR projects.

It’s such an easy and startlingly effective way to build consumer trust. And it doesn’t cost you a dime. (To learn how to respond to online reviews, read this blog post.)

The only issue you may run into is actually finding all the online reviews about your company. There are dozens of online-review sites out there… some of which you’ve probably never heard of or know you were listed on. I’ve seen many clients’ jaws drop when they found out that they have a bad review on Website X. They didn’t even know their company was on there!

If you’re too busy to monitor the smorgasbord of websites in which your customers could leave a review, let MYM do it for you.

Our Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a comprehensive solution for maintaining and improving your online reviews and standing.

Here is some of what’s included…

  1. New Review Collection: After you complete a job for a satisfied customer, we email them and send them through an effective funnel that encourages them to leave a positive online review.
  2. Subpar Review Interception: If a customer leaves you a negative review using our ORM service, a pop-up appears with a message that says something like, “Hey! Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. We want to make it right. Please call us.” It will then give the customer a choice between posting the review and calling you before posting the review. This gives you a chance to turn that two- or three-star review in to a five-star review.
  3. Brand Monitoring: You are alerted every time a new review is published about your company on the internet. This is not limited to reviews we generate through the reviews process, but any review at any time. This allows you to quickly respond to all online reviews you receive.

For more information about MYM ORM—and to generate an instant online reputation report about your company—visit our official ORM page:

After that, get in touch with us by phone or through the online chat function on our website.

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Is This One of MYM’s Best Contractor Websites Yet?

discovering amazing websites by mym

I’d like you to have a look at one of our newer client websites. It’s for a window and door company called HomeSealed Exteriors out of Milwaukee, WI.

When you explore this website, here is some of what you’ll find…

  • A truly engaging homepage. Every detail—from the rotating sliders to the copy that “glides” into view—is designed to keep website visitors’ eyeballs glued to the page.
  • Sophisticated online chat functionality. This is hugely important because we’re also running a PPC campaign for this client. PPC leads are typically looking to buy immediately or in the very near future; therefore, we want to start engaging them as soon as they land on the website.
  • A strong and unique Identity. Windows that are 2,000% more airtight? If you’re a homeowner who has to deal with the bone-chilling Wisconsin winters, how could you NOT want to know more about that?!

Here’s the link to HomeSealed Exteriors’ shiny new website:

Let us know if we can help with any of your internet marketing needs by calling (817) 416-4333. You can also visit our website and use the chat box to speak with someone right now.


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