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I Spent Over An Hour Reading Online Reviews To Make A $195 Decision To Buy A Lamp.

I Spent Over An Hour Reading Online Reviews To Make A $195 Decision To Buy A Lamp.

Add Online Reviews To Your Home Improvement Website… And Let People See
The Details Of What Your Customers Think Of You.

Written by Rich Harshaw.

Dead. Kaput. Lights out… literally.

My little desk lamp that had faithfully illuminated my workspace for a dozen years suddenly died on a cold December morning in 2009. There was no warning; no signs of faltering; no symptoms of old age. I just reached to click it on and nothing happened. I checked the plug. I changed the bulb. I jiggled it around—all to no avail. Suddenly, inexplicably, the lamp was dead.

As I searched for a replacement, I decided I wanted a better, more versatile model. I wanted to find a lamp that I could place at the back of my desk… but that was still big enough and long enough to reach up and over my secondary computer monitor to light the workspace to the left of my laptop.
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Freshly Posted Contractor Marketing Webinar: Online Reviews: Turn Your Raving Fans Into Your Best Salespeople

Testimonials Are Very 2010—They Seem Manufactured, Synthetic, & Fake.

Online Reviews Give Your Prospective Customers A Chance To See What Your Thrilled Customers Really Think… In A Granular, 3rd Party, Believable Way.

Please enjoy this video of our webinar on the topic of gathering and using online reviews for home improvement websites. For a special offer, please see the end of the video.

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Contractor Marketing Quick Tips: Online Reviews

Prospective Customers Are Looking For Proof That They Can Trust You.
Let Your Past Customers Do Your Talking FOR You.

Written by Rich Harshaw

Note: This article is part of Monopolize Your Marketplace’s ongoing “Contractor Marketing Quick Tips” series. This information is not meant to be comprehensive; it’s simply meant to give you some quick ideas.

Just about every contractor I talk to understands the value of gathering and posting customer reviews on their website. Makes total sense, right?

So then why do less than 25% of contractors have a systematic, consistent method for gathering and posting them?

Let me try to monetize the difference between HAVING and NOT HAVING customer reviews on your home improvement website. It’s about 30% of your total sales volume. If you’re doing $2 million in sales and you don’t have reviews, you should be doing $2.6 million. It’s just that simple.

Here are some quick tips to get you started:

Tip 1: Automate The Process: The failure of most remodelers to gather and post online reviews lies in their systems—or lack of systems They try to set aside time to work on it, and it just never happen. Here’s a better plan: use a 3rd party company that specializes in this kind of stuff. They’ll handle EVERYTHING for you, from contacting your customers, to posting the comments, to dealing with negative reviews. All you have to do is remember to fork over your customer list every month so they can do the rest. Monopolize Your Marketplace has teamed up with the best online reviews companies in the industry to make all of this easy and affordable. Just fill out the form on this page for more information. 
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