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The Best Retirement Vehicle You’ve Never Heard Of

Don’t Let Uncle Sam Tax Your Retirement Dreams Into Oblivion. Here’s How…

Don’t Let Uncle Sam Tax Your Retirement Dreams Into Oblivion. Here’s How…

This Little-Known Retirement Savings Strategy Beats The Pants Off
Your 401(k) or IRA… Both For Tax Savings AND Eliminating Market Risk.

By Rich Harshaw

Note: About once a month, Monopolize Your Marketplace takes a break from contractor marketing advice and focuses on personal development topics. We call this ongoing series “Personal Edge.” Enjoy!

Every single one of the 10,000+ companies I’ve ever helped with their marketing in the last 20+ years thinks that their company is pretty much the GREATEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD.

I’m serious—all of them. From manufacturers to consultants to health care professionals… and any kind of company you can think of. They all think they’re fantastic. And remodelers are certainly no exception.

Truth be told, while most of the companies I have dealt with are really good at what they do, they’re not all that spectacularly different than some of their higher-caliber competitors. Hear me loud and clear: I’ve worked with a ton of really great companies. But even those great companies usually have at least a few competitors who are in their same ballpark.

But every once in awhile I find that true diamond in the rough—a company that offers products or services that are orders of magnitude better than anything else on the planet. The true “Best Kept Secret.”

In 2007, one of those companies found me.
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