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Fresh Remodeling Contractor Website to Feast Your Eyes On

example of new mym client website - signature exteriors

We’ve talked about an awesome new website we launched for Zen Windows Pennsylvania.

Here’s another website we launched for a client. This one is for Signature Exteriors, a roofing and siding contractor that has served Connecticut for 66 years.

Before I give you the link to their new website, let me tell you about some of its standout features:

  1. Content and eye-catching design elements have a great synergy on the homepage.  From the big blue header to the main copy section to the service-area map, everything has a flow and progresses in a logical way that makes visitors to the site naturally scroll down the page.
  2. Also on the homepage is a Project Counter. This client has performed over 20,000 projects, so we determined that it would be a great idea to showcase that number on the website.
  3. The Jobsite Map page shows prospects exact addresses of past projects. This is a great credibility enhancer.
  4. A clean Project Gallery showcases the client’s great work, as well as Before & After shots.
  5. And as always, a powerful Identity permeates every page of the site (naturally).


This client is changing its name from Vinylume Home Improvement to Signature Exteriors. They’ve had the Vinylume name for decades, but it’s no longer reflects their company or services.

When rebranding, things can get messy online—prospects can get confused, business listings could get mixed up, and search results can suffer.

Here are some steps we’ve taken to ensure a smooth online transition…

  • We added a redirect plan into their htaccess file. In layman’s terms, we alerted Google that all of the pages on their previous website (the one with their old company name) have now moved to the current website. This passes page ranking and authority over to the new website.
  • We updated the client’s information on business listing website on which they are currently found (Houzz, Angie’s List, and BBB to name a few), and created accounts on listing sites they were not (Facebook, for instance).
  • On the new website, we made it apparently clear that Signature Exteriors is the same trusted Vinylume that’s served the community for over 60 years… just with a cooler name.

Enough talk. Here’s the link:

Let us know if we can help with any of your internet marketing needs by calling (817) 416-4333.

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MYM Catapults Contractor 99 Spots On Google In 30 Days

When it comes to ranking on Google, patience is an agonizing virtue.

Even when you do everything right with SEO, it can still take months just to START seeing a positive trend in your rankings.

But if you can endure the long and painful wait, you’ll be richly rewarded.

Case in point…

We recently saw some VERY strong upward ranking trends for our client Zen Windows Des Moines.

Zen Windows Des Moines opened in September 2016. Prior to working with MYM, they had no website. They had only a bio page on the main Zen Windows website and a Facebook account. We had to build their online presence from the ground up.

That makes the rankings I’m about to show you extra impressive.

Between April 24th and May 23rd (our SEO reporting period for the month), almost every one of their keywords improved in ranking. Some jumped as many as 80 to 99 spots!

The most dramatic improvement was for the keyword “casement window Des Moines.” Just a month ago, Zen Windows Des Moines was nowhere to be found on Google for this keyword. Now, they’re…

The 1st ad you see in PPC

Zen Windows Des Moines - the 1st ad you see in PPC
#3 in the Google Local Pack (under the map)

Zen Windows Des Moines - #3 in the Google Local Pack (under the map)
#22 in the organic listings for their blog (yes, the blog!)

Zen Windows Des Moines - #22 in the organic listings for their blog
#20 in the organic listings for Super Pages (one of the business listings we manage for clients)

Zen Windows Des Moines - #20 in the organic listings for Super Pages
And like I said, it’s not just “casement windows Des Moines” that has improved. Keyword results are up across the board (keywords blurred for client privacy):

The rest of Zen Windows’ sweet rankings: page 1

Zen Windows Des Moines - rankings page 1


The rest of Zen Windows’ sweet rankings: page 2

Zen Windows Des Moines - rankings page 2
A few takeaways from these rankings if you’re a contractor:

  • Your blog is really important for SEO.
  • Your business listings are really important for SEO.
  • Landing a spot on the Google Local Pack is HUGE for getting leads.
  • PPC is a great for “skipping ahead of the line” and claiming real estate at the very top of page one.
  • Once your SEO “gains traction” in Google’s rankings—and you remain steadfast in your commitment to the optimization process—you’ll start to experience more and more amazing results every month.

Remember: These rankings for Zen Windows Des Moines are after only three and a half months… and with zero prior SEO “foundation” to work from.

While results vary from client to client, this case study reveals how quickly our clients can gain SEO traction when they begin working with MYM.

I’ll keep you posted on Zen Windows Des Moines’ progress in future emails; there are sure to be bigger and better SEO results in the coming months.

In the meantime, head over to MYM’s SEO page for details about our SEO services and pricing. Also take advantage of our free Lead Generation Audit to see where your website is ranking on Google right now.


P.S. Did you know 92% of consumers read online reviews before contacting a contractor? Next post, I’ll reveal why it’s good business to respond to your online reviews—good AND bad. I’ll even provide the blueprint on EXACTLY what to say.


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Check Out One Of Our Most Recent Client Websites

deck builder website

On March 27th of this year, we launched one of our latest client websites. It’s for a deck-building contractor from San Antonio, TX called Paradise Decks & Spas.

The last time Paradise updated their website was in 2012, and they hired a different online marketing company (one that does not specialize in contractor websites) to build it.

Here’s a look at their old website…

Old Homepage

Paradise Decks -- Homepage -- Before

(Text reads: “Paradise Decks and Spas has earned the reputation as one of the finest residential and commercial deck builders in San Antonio and Austin.  We have completed several thousand projects and additions throughout the San Antonio and Austin areas. Offering decks and much more, our creative designs and the quality of materials are second to none and our customers reap the benefits. What sets us apart as a leader in customer service is the individual attention we give to each deck, arbor, patio cover, gazebo, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces we build. Click above to get more information or get a free estimate online.”)

Old Decks Page

Paradise Decks and Spas Website Before 2

(Text reads: “Paradise Decks and Spas will be happy to assist you in the design of your new custom deck, or we will build your plan. We feature Western Red Cedar, Exotic Hardwoods such as Ipe’, Tigerwood, Massaranduba, Cumaru, Garapa, and Argentina, as well as a full range of easy care composites such as Latitudes, Class A fire rated AmeraDeck, Trex, EON, Evergrain and more.”)

Paradise Decks & Spas liked some elements of their old website. But it was starting to show its age (that background wallpaper!) and lacked a strong Identity. You can tell the content was obviously written to get noticed by search engines, which made it uninteresting and awkward to read.

So the company came to us to help them build a contemporary website and create a powerful, passionate, and precise Identity that would make prospects take action.

Here’s the result:

New Homepage (above the fold):

Paradise - After - Above Fold

New Homepage (below the fold):

Paradise - After - Below Fold

As you can see, the design is fresh and modern. The colors pop. The Identity is out in full force. And having a message directly from the homeowner on the homepage hooks prospects right from the get go.

This is the kind of quality website and content you NEED to stand a chance in the home improvement industry.

I mean, let’s face it…

Home renovation is not cheap. And research shows that over 90% of people (yes, NINETY PERCENT!) check out a contractor’s website before they decide to make contact for an estimate.

If your website doesn’t dazzle your prospects from the first second—and doesn’t clearly state why they should choose YOU—you’re dead in the water. It’s that simple.

Take a look at Paradise Decks and Spas full website. Go ahead and browse around the site. You’ll discover that every single page—from the Services section to the About section to the Why Choose Us section—is crafted for maximum prospect engagement.

And if you think our website services are something you could use, give us a call at (817) 416-4333 or use the chat box on our website (it’ll pop up in the lower-left corner of the page).


P.S. Next, I’ll lay out the five most common reasons contractors stick to websites that don’t convert. A couple of them may surprise you… and cause some self-reflection regarding your own website.

P.P.S. Don’t forget: MYM’s Awesome Contractor-Referral Giveaway is going on. You could win an amazing (and expensive!) gift simply by referring someone to us. Click the link for details.



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