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The meeting was completely NOT what I expected… it was far, far better

The meeting was completely NOT what I expected… it was far, far better

Would You Believe That It’s Love, Kindness, And Affection?

“I’m going to have to start working Saturdays to pay for this.”

That’s what the 40-year old, blonde-haired air conditioning technician said to over 150 people as he pointed to a picture of a beautiful blue Corvette—used, but in great shape—that was projected onto the giant video screen at the front of the room.

Whenever I start working with a new client on a one-on-one consulting project, the first thing I do is fly to their office to meet with the owners, marketing managers, and anyone else who might have some useful information about the company as I begin the Identity discovery process.

This particular company, the biggest heating and air conditioning company in Southern California, suggested that we arrange that initial visit on the same day as their monthly “All Company” meeting so I could get a feel for their company culture.

I’ll be honest: I expected to see a bunch of people stuffed in a big conference room while they listened to various department managers drone on about goals to be met, policies to be complied with, and announcements to be noted. The meeting was scheduled to last 90 minutes; I wasn’t quite sure how an hour and a half of company politics was going to help me help them create powerful HVAC marketing.

Man, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

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