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Itty Bitty, Teeny Tiny Canvassing.

No! I’m Not Talking About Hiring Dwarves To Canvass For You! I’m Talking About A Small-Scale Project That Pays Huge Dividends.

No! I’m Not Talking About Hiring Dwarves To Canvass For You! I’m Talking About A Small-Scale Project That Pays Huge Dividends.

You Don’t Have To Hire And Manage A Van Full Of Sketchy Door Knockers To Have Success With Canvassing.

Just Start (And Finish) With One Guy.

By Rich Harshaw

Read to the end of this article for a challenge. It’s limited to the first three companies… so hurry.

About five years ago I had a client in Washington D.C. that had built his entire business on canvassing. You know what I’m talking about—old school, pavement-pounding, number-crunching, knock-till-your-fingers-bleed canvassing.

His secret weapon was the University of Maryland, which was about five minutes from his office. Back in the days before online message boards, he’d post notices around campus on real life bulletin boards and telephone poles advertising high paying part-time jobs for college students. He’d get a virtually unlimited stream of kids willing to pound doors… and in return, he’d pay them $10 to $20 an hour depending on their production. This was back when minimum wage was in the $3 to $5 range. On the strength of those college kids, he built a solid company that always had an abundant lead flow and healthy sales.

Then when the century changed, a funny thing started to happen—the university students stopped responding to those bulletin board notices. Promises of signing bonuses, spiffs, and higher starting salaries did little to change the tide, so he started looking elsewhere, including Craigslist, miscellaneous job boards, and even street-corner day laborers. Suffice it to say, the quality of the canvassers went down… to the point where he abandoned canvassing altogether and got serious about advertising instead. That’s how and when I met him.
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Proximity Marketing: How To Turn Every Job Into 2 or 3 More.

Pre-Positioning: How To Make Prospects Fall In Love With You… Before Your Sales Person Ever Shows Up.

Referrals: How To Get More Of Them Than Ever Before.

Watch Monopolize Your Marketplace CEO Rich Harshaw as he packs 3 NEW RULES of CONTRACTOR MARKETING topics into one compact, 80-minute webinar! These topics might LOOK like “old standbys,” but wait until you learn the NEW WAYS THAT ACTUALLY WORK!

Proximity Marketing

  • Why “3 postcards and pray” proximity marketing never works and never will work
  • 9 steps of Super Robust Proximity Marketing… including step-by-step implementation
  • How to handle the dirty work without getting your hands dirty (thank you, Marketsharp!!)

Pre-Positioning Marketing

  • Why pre-positioning is absolutely critical if you want to maximize home improvement lead conversion
  • Why your current pre-positioning efforts are probably falling short of their potential, and how to fix them
  • Principles of “confirmation bias,” price conditioning, and reciprocity
  • Details on the 4 components of pre-positioning, and how to implement them all
  • Financial implications of pre-positioning including execution costs and expected returns
  • See samples of pre-positioning packages

Referral Generation

  • Why just “asking for referrals” doesn’t work… and never will work
  • A 3-step system that will instantly increase referrals by 50% to 100%
  • How to realistically build your referral business to at least a quarter of your business or more
  • Pros and cons of putting formal referral reward programs in place.

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