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Help Me Win A $100 Bet

Yext - $100 bet
So, I have a bet going with my COO, Bryan Bauman. Winner gets a hundred bucks.

Bryan says our recent Yext Certified Partner status is a good selling point to advertise.

I say prospects won’t give a flying fig because most contractors don’t know what the heck Yext is.

I’m confident I’ll win the bet, even though I don’t really want to.

I’ll explain.

Yext is a program that allows you to manage and optimize your local business listings across 100+ websites (Google, Yellow Pages, BBB, CitySearch, and so on).

It’s a great tool for companies that want to grow their business. Stanley Steamers, Ben & Jerry’s, Pep Boys, T-Mobile, Meineke, and a whole bunch of other big names use Yext because IT WORKS.

Yext is just as effective for contractors, too. At MYM, we use Yext to build our SEO clients’ local brand awareness, enhance rankings, and drive more traffic to their websites by managing their info on these business listing sites.

Unfortunately, most contractors fall into one of three camps:

A) They don’t know about Yext (many don’t even know which business listing sites they’re on!).

B) They know about Yext but don’t get how it can benefit them.

C) They know about Yext, know what it can do for them, but can’t budget the time or labor for it.

Make no mistake—optimizing and managing your online business listings is heavy-duty work.

You need to ensure your listings are correct, fix any inconsistencies across business listing websites (Google hates inconsistent listings), put your company on all the sites where YOUR prospects are looking, continually optimize your listings to improve search engine rankings… and a dozen other things.

If you were to manage your business listings yourself, you’d need to dedicate a full-time person to it, which would cost you thousands a month.

The Ben & Jerry’s and T-Mobiles of the world bank hundreds of millions of dollars every year, so they can afford to do that.

The average contractor? Not so much. Creating a new position with a five-figure-per-year salary isn’t possible.

MYM clients, though, don’t have to worry about any of that. They get our Yext Certified services as part of their SEO package.

Our clients have certified experts (i.e., us) managing and optimizing their business listings round-the-clock… for literally a fraction of the cost it would take them to do in-house. As a result, they get more web traffic, more brand awareness, and a serious SEO steroid shot that shoots their local rankings through the roof.

Our SEO clients also get to take advantage of our Yext Certified Partner status. We know absolutely everything there is to know about Yext and how to ensure your online business listings. That means we squeeze every last bit of mileage out of the service for them, AND we get access to new Yext features for clients before they’re made available to the public.

This gives our clients such a giant leg up on local competitors, it’s almost unfair.

Want to know more about all of the advantages MYM SEO clients have over the competition? Visit our SEO page.

So, yeah… having a Yext Certified Partner managing your online business listing is a HUGE benefit. Many contractors aren’t even aware of (which means I’ll likely lose that $100 bet).

But now that you ARE aware of the importance of managing your online business listings—and the huge profits at stake—what will you do about it?

P.S. Next post, I’ll inform you of the hidden cash-sucking parasite that could be costing you thousands of dollars… without your knowledge.


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