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How To Achieve Your New Year’s Goals Using Backward Goal Setting

white kids on bicycles
Happy New Year!

Let me take a second to say “so long” to 2016, possibly one of the craziest years in recorded history.

I hope your personal 2016 went well. Mine certainly did.

But if your 2016 didn’t go as planned–or you fell short of the goals you set—let me tell you an ironclad way to make 2017 the BYE (Best Year Ever).

It’s called Backward Goal Setting.

While typical goal setting calls for writing down a big audacious goal without figuring out your starting point, Backward Goal Setting focuses only on the individual steps it takes to get there.

I’ve used Backward Goal Setting since I was a 19-year-old missionary baptizing villagers in Taiwan… and it’s worked for me ever since.

Click here to read the story of how Backward Goal Setting made me—known in the village as the “giant white kid on an over-sized bicycle”—one of the most successful missionaries in Taiwan… and to see how it can make 2017 one of your Best Years Ever.



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