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This Chick Flick Reminded Me Of Your Online Marketing

Warning: Email contains multiple references to romantic-comedies (a.k.a. “chick flicks”).

Proceed at your own risk.

MYM Email - 15 _ 01

Last night was movie night at Casa De Harshaw, and it was my wife’s turn to pick what we were going to watch.

I plunk down on the couch with my (extra) buttery popcorn, while my wife rifles through our DVD collection.

After a few minutes, she pulls a movie from the rack: She’s All That.


If you haven’t seen this cinematic gem, you’ve probably watched one of the 157 movies just like it.

It’s about an unpopular nerdy high school girl who transforms into the attractive prom queen without sacrificing her character and personality.

Yeah, it’s pretty original.

Anyway, as I’m watching the main character morph from Zero to Hero, it reminded me of a current client. (I don’t always daydream about work when watching a movie—only when it’s my wife’s pick!)

The client is a Washington state-based gutter company called Leafless in Seattle (yeah, it’s wordplay on Sleepless in Seattle—these romantic comedies are haunting me).

When they joined MYM in 2015, their online marketing needed a Hollywood movie-worthy makeover from head to toe:

  • Their website was “meh.”
  • They had never run a PPC campaign in their life.
  • The highest they were ranking for SEO was on the 12th page (no, not the 12th result on the first page—the 12th PAGE).

Over the course of the next year, we radically overhauled Leafless in Seattle’s online marketing, performing a complete “She’s All That” on the contractor’s website, PPC, and SEO.

Here’s a breakdown of what we did… and the results:


Leafless in Seattle’s pre-MYM website wasn’t bad. But it definitely didn’t demand prom-queen amounts of attention.
Take a look…

MYM Email - 15_02

Leafless in Seattle homepage circa 2014 (above the fold)


Like I said, not an abomination like some contractor websites. But it looked a little dated and lacked a strong identity.

Using our Identity Discovery process, we created a powerful message that conveys what makes Leafless in Seattle unique, special, and worth choosing. Then we wrapped the message in contemporary, world-class website design.

Here’s a gander at the finished product…

MYM Email - 15_03
Leafless in Seattle MYM-built homepage (above the fold)
MYM Email - 15_04
Leafless in Seattle MYM-built homepage (below the fold)

Bang—a certified, 10-out-of-10 knockout.

But there’s no point in getting a makeover if no one’s going to see it. This was only step one of our grand plan for Leafless’ online marketing transformation.


Now that we’d built the client a killer website, we needed to drive traffic to it.

Since SEO can take months to promulgate, we created a PPC campaign to get Leafless in Seattle some high-quality leads immediately.

As the client had never tried PPC before and was a little skeptical of its effectiveness, we started them off at the minimum monthly ad spend for their service and market.

The campaign launched in August 2015. Since then, Leafless has generated 165 quality leads at an ultra-low cost of $121.16 per lead:

MYM Email - 15_05
Circled amounts are total leads and total cost per lead.




The third step in our online marketing makeover was SEO.

Prior to joining MYM, Leafless in Seattle’s search-engine results were bottom-of-the-barrel awful. They weren’t even ranking for 98% of their keywords!

Here’s a look at the first SEO report we generated for them in July 2015 (prior to us starting SEO):

  MYM Email - 15_06

Before we took over their SEO, the client was not listed for 98% of their keywords.


To get their rankings up to MYM standards, we performed an all-out SEO onslaught: social media, blogs, case studies, service-area pages, business citation creation and management, weekly reporting. The works.

Less than a year later, their rankings have skyrocketed:

 MYM Email - 15_07

As of 6/4/2016, we have the client ranking in the top 10 for over 80% of their keywords.


They’re in the top 10 for 80% of their keywords and in the top 20 for all of them. That’s phenomenal.

Since their SEO is just now entering the proper “optimizing” period (usually 6 to 12 months), these rankings are only going to continue to improve.

Transformation Complete

In a span of only 11 months, we performed a total “She’s All That” on Leafless in Seattle’s online marketing.

Their website is compelling and looks amazing. Their SEO is driving loads of organic traffic. And their PPC is raking in leads left and right.

Fast-forward to the 2:07 mark of this quick video to see why you need a great website and SEO and PPC to create a powerful online marketing presence that demands attention and propels sales.

If you don’t have all three, you’re toast. Watch the video for more information.

Until next time,


P.S. Next email, I’ll tell you about an incredibly powerful marketing tool that made this hardened marketing vet’s eyes bug out of his head when he saw the results. Almost NOTHING shocks me in marketing anymore. But this did.

Stay tuned.

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Your “About Us” Page Can Do A Lot More To Sell Your Company Than You Think…

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This is the internet, people.

Here are a couple examples of text from “About Us” pages randomly pulled from some home improvement websites to prove the point:

I want to take a few seconds to tell you a little about XXXXXX Roofing and why you can count on us every time to do a good job. We have been servicing the Metroplex for seventeen years and have established a quality reputation in the DFW Metroplex.

We appreciate your interest in our company and thank you for the opportunity to submit our proposal for your roofing project. We understand your home is possibly your most valuable investment and we want to assure you that we treat it accordingly.

(My commentary: the answer to the question “Why can you count on us to do a good job?” is “We’ve been servicing the Metroplex for seventeen years and have established a quality reputation.” Did anyone even think about that after they wrote it? Did ANYONE think to read what is being published?)


For thirty years the management team at XXXXXXXXXXX, has been involved in the fenestration industry. Their vast experience covers all phases of the window industry including building our own window systems (which we’ve been doing since 2001) to consulting, installation, and after-care service.

Today we offer to the public TRUE factory direct value. We build a wide variety of products from the most affordable line to our most feature-rich energy-efficient product system. All designed to “keep out heat, cold, and noise.”

(My commentary: starts off third person and unexpectedly shifts to second person; fenestration industry?)

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