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Set Your Radius Marketing To Auto-Pilot And Watch Profits Soar

CRM System - MarketSharp
You already know that radius marketing can be ridiculously lucrative.

Unfortunately, if the extent of your radius marketing is sticking a jobsite sign in your customers’ yards, you’re missing out on a TON of business.

To truly tap into radius marketing’s massive potential (and profits), you need to organize a persuasive, well-thought-out mailing campaign and hit prospects regularly.

But creating a campaign after every single job you complete is totally unrealistic. You barely have time to take a few bites of your $5 Footlong on any given workday.

I’ll let you in on a little secret… there’s a way to set your radius marketing to “autopilot,” kick back, and watch as it brings you droves of business.

If you’re a contractor, you’ve probably heard of MarketSharp. It’s contractor-specific Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that helps you organize your business, increase productivity, and grow sales.

One of the ways in which it grows your sales is through a program called SmartMail Plus. SmartMail Plus completely automates your radius marketing efforts and generates a highly effective campaign for you in minutes.

Here’s how:

  1. Once you complete a job, click the SmartMail Plus icon in MarketSharp.

    MarketSharp Smart Mail Plus

  2. Select the image and call-to-action for your postcard campaign and confirm your order by email.

MarketSharp Postcard Campaign

  1. After you order, you will be asked if you automatically want to share the project on social media.

    MarketSharp Social Media

  2. A unique custom website landing page is automatically created for you.

    MarketSharp Landing Page

  3. Your postcards are printed and mailed for you with multiple response mechanisms (QR codes, keyword-protected customer websites) recipients can use to view the project online.

    MarketSharp Postcards

  4. You’re notified when a prospect contacts you via a specific project.

    MarketSharp Email Alert

  5. Easily track response and leads with streamlined, easy-to-read reporting.

    MarketSharp Reporting

Bam! Just like that, an amazingly effective radius marketing campaign is created for you amazingly fast. (Your jobsite signs will be jealous.)

And get this…

Radius marketing is just one of a large number of marketing and lead-generation tools that MarketSharp offers.

MarketSharp has 330 built-in marketing “Success Elements” that help contractors make their marketing a smashing success and drives profits.

From automated email marketing to online reputation management to internet lead capturing, MarketSharp provides every single marketing tool you need to boost your business quickly.

Visit our MarketSharp page for more details on how this amazing CRM can help you. (Be sure to read the testimonials on how MarketSharp is generating huge amounts of cash for contractors across the country.)

And if you want more detail on MarketSharp’s incredible radius marketing program, watch this brief video demonstration.

Happy Marketing!

P.S. The MarketSharp folks are good people. So much so that they’re willing to cut MYM clients a huge discount on their program. Visit our MarketSharp page and scroll to the bottom for details.

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