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Don’t Settle For Pathetic Sales This Holiday Season.

This Year Stuff A Ton Of Cash Into Your Stocking By Implementing These Ideas For Holiday Selling

Here Are 5 Ideas To Turn What Are Normally
The Worst Sales Months Of The Year Into Money Makers…

By Rich Harshaw

Let’s face it: nobody wants to buy new windows during the holiday season. Or remodel their kitchen. Or deal with a new roof. Or anything else that absolutely can’t wait until people’s hectic holiday lives settle down a bit after the New Year.

That’s why most remodeling companies go into reluctant hibernation mode starting about mid-November. They just assume that people can’t/won’t/don’t buy, and they give up trying. Contractors’ marketing budgets are frequently slashed in an effort to stem the red ink. It’s almost a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Here are a few ideas—courtesy of real-life experience—that may work to scare the Grinch away from your holiday this year. I’m presenting these ideas to you now so you have a bit of time to ponder, decide, then implement what you’re seeing here.
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