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Playing Whack-A-Mole With Your Bad Online Reviews

Do you remember playing that Whack-a-Mole game when you were a kid?

You had a mallet, and you’d bonk any mole that popped its head out of the hole.

playing whack a mole with your bad online reviews
At MYM, we have our own version of Whack-a-Mole. We call it “Whack-a-Review.”

Here are the rules…

  • Your online reputation is the “player.”
  • MYM’s Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the “mallet.”
  • Whenever a negative review about you pops up online, ORM instantly whacks it on the head, potentially forcing it back into the hole it crawled out from.

Our ORM “whacks” bad internet reviews about your company in two ways:

  1. It immediately alerts you to any negative reviews that pop up or already exist on 170+ review websites across the internet. This allows you the opportunity to contact the customer that left the review to fix the situation, or respond to the review directly on the website (here’s the right way to do that).
  2. When customers leave an online review directly from your website, it sends them through a review funnel. If they plan to leave you a negative online review, they are given the opportunity to discuss their experience with you first. This gives you the chance to talk to the customer, fix the problem, and get that customer to either not to post a negative review or change their negative review into a positive one. (Here’s an example of MYM ORM on a client’s website.)

In both instances, you “win the game.”

Not only do you have the ability to prevent reputation-damaging bad reviews from seeing the light of day… but you can also transform the existing ones (ones you may not know even exist) into favorable feedback about your company.

And “Whack-a-Review” is just one of the great features of our Online Reputation Management.

It also builds your online reputation by getting more of your customers to leave good online reviews. By sending your customers through a review funnel on your website, you build a strong online reputation in no time.

For instance, we recently signed up a new ORM client that had a substantial customer list they provided us.

Within the first week, our ORM generated eight new positive customer reviews for the client on Google and Facebook (two of the sites the client wants to target).

The amount of new online reviews you get per week depends on a number of factors, such as the amount of customers you have and how quickly/aggressively you want to build your online reputation.

Truthfully, creating a stout online reputation is like when the Romans built Rome—it won’t get done in a day.

But let’s assume our ORM generates you two to three new positive online reviews per week.

  • About 8 to 12 a month…
  • 104 to 156 in one year…
  • 208 to 312 in two years…
  • 520 to 780 in five years.

Considering that studies show 9 out of 10 prospects read online reviews before contacting a contractor, don’t you think having hundreds of positive online reviews will convince people to pick up the phone and call you?

I’d bet my retirement fund on it.

So you can see just how important it is to start building your online reputation NOW.

Visit our ORM page now to find out more about how we can build, manage, and maintain a healthy, robust online reputation for your company.

And if you want to see if there are currently any negative online reviews about your company that need “whacking,” sign up for a free Lead Generation Audit. We’ll sniff them out for you.

Ready those mallets.

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