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Why Your Marketing Died On The Operating Table

why your contractor marketing died

Wonder why your awesome new website and marketing materials aren’t pulling in leads?

If so, I’ve got bad news…

Your awesome new website and marketing materials are NOT so awesome.

In fact, you’re likely saying the same things 99% of contractors do.

“Quality workmanship.” “Committed to providing a great experience.” “Outstanding service.”

You may bring all that to the table—and then some.

But guess what?

Everyone else says THEY do, too.

And since prospects are beaten over the head with these platitudes, all they hear is Charlie Brown’s teacher when you open your mouth.

So… even though you THINK you’re performing life-saving surgery on your marketing by saying things you BELIEVE to be profound (but are not), you’re actually killing it while it’s on the operating table.

Time of death: Friday, 2:04 PM.

In 2014, I held a webinar called “Stand For Something” that teaches contractors how to stand out from the crowd and create a TRULY powerful, lead-pulling Identity.

Though this webinar is a few years old, it’s as relevant as ever. Maybe it’s even more so now, since people are now spending more on remodeling, and home improvement companies are multiplying like bunnies in springtime.

By watching the webinar, you’ll discover how to set yourself apart and make prospects see YOU as special, unique, and fully equipped to provide them a stellar project.

Here is what you’ll learn:

  • What platitudes are, how to identify them, and why you keep using them even though they don’t work
  • The principles of POWER TALK
  • How to use people’s inherent confirmation bias to your advantage
  • The curse of knowledge: recognize it and eliminate it
  • The difference between an IDENTITY and advertising theme
  • Eight unique identities contractors can use… and how to create your own
  • Before and after examples of websites, advertisements, and brochures that illustrate the concepts

Here’s the link to my “Stand For Something” Webinar. Enjoy.




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