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Stop Giving Bing The “Harry Potter” Treatment

don't forget about bing
Warning: The following email contains massive amounts of “nerd talk” about Harry Potter. Read at your own risk.

When it comes to SEO, you’re probably a lot like Harry Potter’s adoptive aunt and uncle.

In the Harry Potter series, Harry lives with his aunt, uncle, and bratty cousin during his summers off from wizarding school.

Harry’s family treats him like three-week-old garbage. They make him sleep in a tiny cupboard under the stairs and completely neglect him.

stop giving bing the harry potter treatment

Harry’s underwhelming digs.

On the flip side, they treat their son Dudley like the King of England. They shower him will ALL their attention. Submit to his every whim. Kiss his butt 24/7.

unequal attention

It reminds me of how contractors shower all THEIR love on Google, while neglecting Bing.

Sure, Google accounts for a whopping 67% of the search-engine market share. It’s reasonable to focus most of your SEO efforts there.

But forget about Bing at your own risk.

Microsoft launched Bing in 2009, and it’s already carved itself about 21% of the market share.

Not only that, but Bing also powers Yahoo’s search engine, which makes up around 12% of all internet searches.

So, in all, Bing basically controls 33% of the search-engine market share.

In other words…

MILLIONS of people are using Bing. Prospects in your service area ARE using it to find you. You’d be a doofus not to show the little-search-engine-that-could some TLC.

Here’s a recent example why…

Though search engines have become incredibly sophisticated, they still have the occasional brain fart.

Last week, we noticed a problem with our client First Texas Roofing’s Bing listing.

When you searched their name on Bing, another company nearby with a similar name (First Texas Exteriors) came up as the main local listing about 50% of the time.

The Wrong Listing:

first texas roofing - the wrong listing

The Right Listing:

first texas roofing - the right listing

The difference between the two local listings (other than their similar business names) was the locations from which Bing was pulling the data from:

  • Half the time, Bing was pulling from Yelp and Foursquare—and returned our client’s results.
  • The other times, Bing was pulling info for our client’s competition from

This was likely happening because our client (First Texas Roofing) has two business locations (Aledo and Ft. Worth). The client had a profile for Aledo, but not Fort Worth, so Bing was pulling a similar result from (which is a reliable contractor website) for “First Texas Exteriors.”

first texas roofing or first texas exteriors
As soon as we saw the problem, we were all over it like Professor Dumbledore on a Horcrux.


2:20 PM: We noticed the issue and diagnosed it.

2:40 PM: We emailed the client to let him know what we saw and what and our plan to fix it (creating a listing for the Ft. Worth location and monitoring the results).

2:50 PM: We set up a profile for First Texas Roofing in Ft. Worth.

Bam! Within 30 minutes, we prevented the client from losing out on a massive amount of internet leads.

Bottom Line: Google is your bread and butter for organic internet leads. But it pays to put some of your SEO efforts into Bing.

After all, as many as one in three prospects are searching for you there. That’s a heaping portion of profits you do NOT want to lose out on.

Lucky for you: When it comes to SEO, what’s good for the goose is often good for the gander.

Many of the things that help your website rank well on Google will also help you on Bing, and vice versa. These include business listings, social media presence, website architecture, and meta descriptions, to name a few.

Our SEO and website services focus on these… and a WHOLE lot more.

We build powerful, passionate, persuasive contractor websites that surge SEO rankings and transform lookers into chomping-at-the-bit buyers.

For more info, reach out to us by calling 817-416-4333 or using the Live Chat box on our website.

P.S. You’ll notice our SEO page only refers to Google. The reason is simple: that’s where most of your SEO leads will come from. Surprisingly, a few of Bing’s best SEO practices are diametrically opposed to Google’s. In those instances, we give preference to Google. It’s only logical!


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