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Why We’re Cutting Our Clients’ Monthly Blog Posts From 15 To 4

sometimes less is more to rank well on search engines

In terms of ranking well on search engines, sometimes less is more.

Google used to base a large part of their ranking signals on update frequency. But that’s not necessarily the case anymore.

Now more than ever, the Google Gods place more value on QUALITY of content over QUANTITY.

This means one stellar piece of content has more search engine “oomph” than, say, three or four average-quality blog posts.

Case in point…

To accommodate Google’s former thirst for frequency, we’ve been creating 15 blog posts a month for our SEO clients. We’d post this content on their blogs two or three times per week.

The posts themselves were well-written, but not earth-shaking or anything.

And they weren’t meant to be. Like I said, we were going with what would make clients rank the highest. And that involved creating new blog fodder constantly.

Here’s an example of this type of content we posted to a client’s website on April 25th, 2017. As you’ll see, it’s written well but lacks substance.

Until very recently, this rapid-fire blog-posting strategy worked. The posts would rank well, and everything was peachy-keen.

Over the last few months, however, we noticed the blog posts were not ranking as well as they once were… not even close.

Why? Because Google launched another algorithm update, as they’re so fond of doing.

We’re always on our toes to keep up with Google’s constant mood swings (i.e., algorithm changes). So as soon as we saw what we WERE doing was no longer working as well, we created a plan to fix it.

As a result, we’re overhauling our SEO content strategy for our upgraded clients…

Instead of providing our upgraded SEO clients with 15 smaller blog posts per month, we’re going to start delivering four premium, high-quality blog posts per month.

The outcome is going to be better, cornerstone content that is powerful, informative, interesting, sharable, and laced with all the SEO elements Google eats up.

We’ve already begun testing this out on a few clients… to great results. Here’s an example of the kind of meaty blog content (Posted June 23rd, 2017) we’re NOW producing. You’ll see it’s MUCH more comprehensive and captivating to the target audience.

To create such strong content for ALL upgraded SEO clients, we’ll be setting up one-on-one time (in 90-minute blocks) with our content writers and clients.

We’ll reacquaint ourselves with our clients’ goals, what they want their blog to do, and what kind of content is relevant to their specific businesses. We’ll talk about every keyword, potential pieces of content, and how hard they want to sell that keyword.

Not only will we be having these “reintroduction content strategy” sessions with clients—but we’ll be doing check-ins every quarter to see what products or services they’re pushing that season, if they’ve noticed any big questions customers have asked that we want to answer in a blog post and re-strategize for the next three months.

Our new, improved SEO content strategy will roll out as beta on July 15th for five to seven clients who have agreed to be guinea pigs.

Then August and September, we will begin bringing our remaining upgraded clients into the fold.

Visit our SEO page for more info about our services. Then, get in touch with us if you want to take your search rankings to the next level.


P.S. Don’t get me wrong… quantity IS still important for search rankings. Your website needs a steady stream of content to remain relevant in Google’s eyes. But that content must engage your audience. If it doesn’t, no one will read it… and your rankings will go down like a sinking ship.

P.P.S. So, what happens with our Bundle SEO clients (clients who aren’t upgraded)? Clients on Bundle-level SEO will still get their two blog posts per month. But they won’t get the high level, hands-on experience that we reserve for upgraded SEO clients who truly want to Monopolize their Marketplace.


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