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How To Catch One Fish Every 86 Seconds


I once watched my brother-in law Jared pull 42 rainbow and brown trout out of the Mountain Fork River in SE Oklahoma in an hour with a fly rod.

That’s one fish every 86 seconds.

A few minutes into doing it, other fisherman—who were having far less luck—started to notice.

Then they started to congregate. Then they started to crowd him out.  He finally quit after an hour because he was getting overrun.

Funny thing, none of them were catching nearly as many fish. A lot of them weren’t catching ANY fish at all.

In the exact same spot.

On a related note (sort of), did you know 65% of remodeling contractors don’t use PPC?

Here are the main reasons why:

  1. They got crappy results when they tried it in the past.
  2. They think PPC leads are low quality.
  3. They think it costs too much.

In other words, they think it’s a giant waste of time.

One of our clients, Merrell Home Improvements, thought PPC was giant waste of time, too.

They had tried it in the past with another company and failed miserably. By the time we got together to build their website, they wanted nothing to do with PPC. They wouldn’t even have the conversation with us for MONTHS.

They didn’t even believe us when we told them the results were guaranteed—there is literally no way you can lose. The MAXIMUM you will pay is $200 per lead. If it goes over during the testing phase, we pay the difference out of our pocket.

Finally, reluctantly, he agreed to try.

Result: 38 leads in the first 4 weeks—at a ridiculously low cost per lead of $121.61.

That’s like 42 trout in 60 minutes ridiculous.

Check it out:

MYM Email - 09 _ 1

A bird’s-eye view of the detailed report we review with you after every PPC cycle.
(Don’t worry: We spell it all out for you!)


How do we get results that are so much better than everyone else?

The exact same way Jared out-fishes all those other wannabes on the banks of the river:

We are experts who know exactly what we are doing—not just jokers sitting on the side of a river somewhere praying for a nibble.

MYM Email - 09 _ 2

No, this is not my brother-in-law Jared. If it were, he’d be holding 42 trout, not just one.


I’ll update you on Merrell’s progress in the future… their lead counts will go up and the cost per lead will go down as the campaign optimizes.

Meanwhile, here are some things you can do:

Have a great day!


P.S. Tomorrow, I’ll show you how we took a window company in a hyper-competitive market to #1 on Google. Their website is pulling in an absurd amount of high-quality leads. Look for the details in the next email.

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If You Were Falsely Accused Of Murder, Do You Think It Would Hurt Your Sales?

contractor reputation management

Here’s a frightening story that proves how a few negative online reviews—even flagrantly false ones—can cost your business millions of dollars.

Hide the children. This story is scary. And 100% real.

A year ago, one of our roofing clients received a phone call from a wealthy prospect who wanted a custom roof, built-entirely-from-the-ground-up.

The project was so difficult that numerous roofers had already turned down the job.

Our client, however, has the resources and skill to pull off this kind of unique project. They have been in business for over 20 years, serviced thousands of customers, and were renowned for their high quality. And unique solutions to unusual situations.

Still, the customer’s demands were so complex that the project would be risky. The job was accepted by our client, but with 3 caveats clearly spelled out to the customer:

  1. The job is going to be expensive.
  2. It’s going to take a long time.
  3. There’s no way to guarantee the quality of the outcome.

The customer had deep pockets and readily agreed—in writing—to the conditions. The roofing company then proceeded to work closely with a high-end manufacturer to painstakingly design and build the roof.

The roof was built offsite, then installed on the customer’s home. The client happily signed off on the job every step of the way, frequently commenting about her excitement as it progressed. When the job was finished, she happily paid the final invoice.

Job well done.

Well, almost.

Suddenly, a week later, the customer did a complete 360 and said she HATED the roof—and demanded every penny of her money back.

Panicked, the roofer reminded the customer of the conditions she agreed to, and showed her the contract.

But the customer was irate. And, as it turns out, nutbar crazy.

Over the course of the next year, she executed an extensive online smear campaign against our client that cost them more than $1.5 million.

Then Came The Murder Allegation. Yep. Murder.

Apparently wealthy enough to have nothing better to do with her time, she then made it her life mission to maliciously destroy our client’s reputation with fallacious, downright disgusting allegations.

  • She flooded online review sites with false claims about the company (including fraud and that they hired convicted felons).
  • She created a Facebook page and fake websites specifically to defame the client.
  • She accused the owner’s father of murder.

Though all of this was obviously BS, it didn’t matter. This customer was so tenacious with trashing the company online that her absurd allegations started dominating the first pages of search engines.

MYM Email - 05 _ 1

One of the many false claims the customer made online that destroyed the roofer’s reputation.
Company name removed for privacy.


Put yourself in the prospect’s shoes. If you were researching a company and came across these results—whether or not they appeared flagrantly false—would YOU do business with them?


Result: Droves of prospects simply moved on and found another roofer. Hence, $1.5 million in lost revenue. Conservatively speaking.

All from a few nasty, fabricated words on the internet.

How To Stop This Type Of Bad Publicity From Killing YOUR Company Online

Though probably not as vindictive and padded-cell certifiable, you’ve most likely had a few grouchy, erratic, impossible-to-please customers of your own.

Out of the hundreds of customers you’ve satisfied, that small handful of customers will be the ones with the loudest voices. Customers who feel they’ve had bad experiences are over 50% more likely to leave an online review than customers who have good ones.

Fortunately, we’ve got your back when an angry customer blasts your company with a devastating online review.

We’re rolling out a revolutionary new Online Reputation Management (ORM) program that builds, repairs, and controls your online reputation to eliminate damage and dramatically spike your sales.

Here’s how it works, in a nutshell:

We monitor ALL 170+ review websites for you every single day. If negative feedback pops up on any of these sites, we ensure it vanishes—POOF—into the internet either through process called “Information Dominance.”

This allows people searching for your business online to see only your “best side.”

It works for ANY company, even if…

  1. You have little to no online reputation and want to BEEF UP your presence across 170 review websites.
  1. You have some negative online reviews and want to “wipe the slate clean.”
  1. You want to maintain your pristine online reputation or make that last push to improve your online ratings. (Just a one-star increase on websites like Yelp skyrocket profits by 5% to 11%!)

While other ORM companies use shady, often ineffective tactics that tiptoe the line of legality, we’ve spent the last seven years painstakingly developing and perfecting a program that’s 100% foolproof and white hat.

When we outlined the specifics of our new ORM services to this roofing company, the owner started doing backflips of joy. With our help, they’ll erase the damage their crazy, vindictive customer has done to their reputation… and start recovering the $1.5 million (and growing) of revenue they’ve lost because of it.

Watch this brief video for more information about our ORM service and why it’s absolutely mandatory for building and maintaining a great online reputation. Then read our ORM page to discover how to stop negative online reviews from costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Here’s to a healthy online reputation.

P.S. Want to know if your online reputation is causing your business to bleed cash? Let us conduct an in-depth audit of it, grade it on a scale of 0 to 100, and provide concrete recommendations for improvement.

This valuable insight is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to your company—and it’s yours for FREE. Click here to fill out the form and get started.


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Harnessing The Power Of Facebook Groups For Fun And Profit


Sure, I know you can use Facebook to generate sales. Companies pay big bucks for you to see those ads that fill up the right side of the website.

But today I came across a surprising, little-known, and incredibly powerful marketing method on Facebook.

As far as I know, very few—if any—contractors (or other types of business) are doing this.

And, get this…

  • You do NOT have to spend money on those teeny-tiny ads on the right-hand side of the page.
  • You do NOT have to have a large follower count or number of “likes”—in fact, you don’t need any at all.
  • You do NOT have to spam people’s feeds with hype-y posts two or three times a day (if you’re doing that, stop—it’s a surefire way to make people quickly hate your guts and “unlike” your page).

Here’s the story:

I was checking my Facebook notification and saw that a friend had posted a comment in a group called “Southlake Moms.”

As you’ve probably noticed, I’m not a mom. But I clicked the link anyway.

And when I did, I was astonished at what I saw.

In one of the posts on the group board, a mom who had previously asked for a recommendation for a math tutor had hired a guy, had great success… and now was raving about the tutor on Facebook.

That part didn’t blow me away. What did was the 50+ comments from other moms who wanted the guy’s contact info, so they could use his services too!

I don’t know how much time this guy has available to tutor that he’s trying to fill, but I’m gonna guess it’s ALL full now. 100%. All from one Facebook post. ONE.

MYM Email - 08 _ 1

MYM Email - 08 _ 2

MYM Email - 08 _ 3

MYM Email - 08 _ 4

It got me thinking—how could remodelers use the power of Facebook groups in a similar way?

First, let me explain what a Facebook group is.

Anyone can create a Facebook group dedicated to any topic—it can be a Dallas Cowboys fan club, a place for thrifty shoppers to share the best deals and coupons, a group for wine snobs to discuss their favorite vino… whatever a person dreams up. Facebook users can then join that group if they’re interested in the particular topic.

The reason I’m a member of Southlake Moms is to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in town. Though there is a lot of “noise” (i.e., stupid posts), it’s the single best source for real, street-level local info on all topics. I selected to “not see posts,” but I do get notifications when people I know post or comment there.

Now, how to utilize this to your advantage and generate a whole bunch of sales…

First: Identify which groups exist that serve the local communities you are in. They could be mom groups (like this one), church groups (these are really strong), or special interest groups (guns, gardening, sports, etc.).

Second: Join any that make sense for you to join. They are usually “closed,” which means you have to request permission to join.

Third: Once you’re a member, DO NOT then start posting crap about your company. This is stupid and only makes people want to punch you in the face. Repeatedly.

Fourth: If somebody in one of the groups asks for a recommendation for what you do, offer your company.

FIFTH, AND MOST IMPORTANT: Ask your customers what groups they are members of on Facebook—particularly the ladies (in my experience, women outnumber men on Facebook about 3 to 1).

THEN, make sure your customers have an AWESOME experience when doing business with you. Fawn over them. Over-communicate with them. Send them a gift at the end. Yes, all of this takes time and effort and money. Of course it does. But it’s worth it. So do it.

FINALLY, ask them to post in their groups about how happy they are about the job you’ve done. Ask them to tell people to contact them to get your info. Or have them just post your info. Use the post that I showed you as a template—it’s a pretty solid “sales letter.”

Make sales. The end. You can thank me by never, ever sending me a Facebook request to play Candy Crush.

In tomorrow’s email, we get back to a “regularly scheduled” MYM topic: Contractor PPC.

You’ll discover how one of our clients landed a $7,156 PPC lead less than 2 hours after we launched their campaign.

This kind of result is not typical… it’s all but guaranteed. Find out exactly how 100% of our clients are making money off PPC by visiting our Pay-Per-Click page.


P.S. After you try the Facebook Group technique outlined in this email, drop me a line at to let me know the results. I’m REALLY curious to see how this tactic works for contractors.

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You Can’t Teach Stupid, And Here’s The Proof


When PPC does NOT work, there’s a really short list of possible reasons:

  1. The market is stupid-crazy competitive for some reason (think giant hail storm).
  2. The company isn’t answering their phone.
  3. They’re answering their phone, but they’re doing a really crappy job.

Number 1 is extremely rare, so it’s usually a combination of 2 and 3.

So sure enough, we recently started a new PPC campaign for a client, and the lead cost was prohibitively high.

So the first thing we check is the “lost call” stats to see if they are answering the phone. And if they are answering the phone properly.

Nope. And nope.

The people answering the company phone had no knowledge of the company’s products or how to close a lead. In many cases, they didn’t even attempt to get the prospects’ names.

As a result, the company lost 8 out of 22 PPC leads (and $76,500) for that week. Their cost per lead also shot from $184.66 to an unacceptable $293.95 for the cycle.

Think about that. Tens-of-thousands of dollars LOST—all because the jokers answering their phone couldn’t book an appointment.

Guess what we get to hear? “Hey, this isn’t working!”

Give me a break. Listen and see what YOU think:

Lost Opportunity #1 (4/14/16): “We Don’t Do Friday Afternoon Appointments”

click here to listen to the call

This prospect has a limited schedule, but you’ll hear him practically BEGGING for an appointment.

It’s an agonizingly drawn-out conversation that boils down to this:

Prospect: “Is it possible to get a quote in the next few days?”

Company: “Sorry, we’re booked until next week.”

P: “Okay, does next Friday afternoon work?”

C: “Sorry, we don’t do appointments on Friday afternoons.”

P: “Okay, do you do appointments on weekends?”

C: “Sorry, we don’t do appointments on weekends.”

P: “Okay. Let me check my schedule and call you back. Sorry to bug you.”

C: “That’s okay. Have a great day.”


At least they were polite.

Lost Opportunity #2 (4/21/16): “I’m Not Really Picky About Windows”

click here to listen to the call

This prospect asks the phone rep, “What windows would you put on your own home?”

But instead of extolling all of the amazing benefits of the windows the company installs—she shrugs and says, “I’m not really picky about windows.”

Are you kidding me?

NEGATIVE BONUS POINTS AWARDED for the awkward end to the conversation with no attempt to schedule an appointment or capture contact info.

Look, we’re not picking on this company or its employees just for fun. We’re doing it to teach you an extremely valuable (and expensive) lesson: PPC is GUARANTEED to work for you—but only if you do your part.

It’s real easy:

  1. Have somebody who knows something about your products answering the phone. (I was going to write “don’t let an idiot answer your phone” but that seemed crude.)
  1. Be nice.
  1. Have appointments available. If you’re genuinely jammed up, let us know and we can take the foot off the PPC pedal until you get caught up.
  1. Answer a few basic questions if they ask. (see #1, alternate version)

Here’s the good news: We record, listen to, and track every single phone call FOR YOU. If you’re messing up, we pull the plug and make you fix the problem.

Will other companies do that for you? Nope—they just let you flail in the water until you drown.

Let us know if we can help you out.

P.S. You’ll see some more ridiculous examples of terrible call handling in a couple weeks. You can’t make this stuff up.

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