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octopussing could be infecting your businessOn any given work day, you and your staff have 896 simultaneous tasks… and use 896 different programs to complete them.

You’ve got a program for scheduling jobs, a program for bookkeeping, a program for generating leads, a program for email blasts, a program for… well, you get the picture.

Using programs in this piecemeal fashion results in a business that runs as inefficiently as a 1982 DeLorean. Not only that, but you need six extra arms to handle all of the things you’re doing at once—a phenomenon I call “octopussing.”

If you’re “octopussing” at work, I have foolproof four-step method for solving it:

  1. Stop.
  2. Breathe.
  3. Relax.
  4. Get MarketSharp.

MarketSharp is contractor-specific Customer Relationship Management software that is a legitimate cure-all for companies that spread themselves wafer thin.

That’s not me putting the old marketing spit-shine on a product. MarketSharp is known as “Business In A Box” because that’s literally what it is.

From streamlining your business operations to improving efficiency to landing more sales, MarketSharp does it all—and then some.

Listen to what these contractors say about the boundless ways MarketSharp can drastically improve your business:

1.    Lead Generation

“Leads, as you know, are very hard to get these days, and advertising is expensive. I have heard that some of the best leads are existing customers that are already familiar with your work and customer service. So, the first week in January, I decided to send out a letter to some of our customers. I used one of the MarketSharp templates (which made it so easy).

I sent out about 500 letters, and I would guess we have had at least 20-25 customers call in. This one mailing from MarketSharp has been responsible for almost all of our sales in January!”

–Tammy Rogers, NC Siding and Windows, Inc.

2. Office Efficiency

“Thank God for MarketSharp. If we did not have this program, our leads and customers would be all over the place. MarketSharp allows us to keep track of almost everything in one program. WE LOVE YOU!”

–Julia Falke, 21st Century Remodeling

3. Improved Productivity

“In the first two weeks, we cut our proposal processing time by 30%!”

 –Alberta Leone, Franzoso Contracting

“If we did not have MarketSharp, we would need at least 2 more people in the office working with me.”

–Katlyn Gottbeheat, Gugger Home Improvement

4. Reporting
“Because of the reporting features of MS I can tell for sure which advertising is working and provides good return on my investment, and which sales people are actually worth giving my valuable leads to. That alone is worth the price of MS. We can now strategically and systematically solicit our past customers for repeat and referral business.”

–Riley Rogers, 3-D Seamless Siding Inc.

5. Incredible Growth

“We have only been using MarketSharp for 2 months, and it has helped our business tremendously in that short period of time. Going into the second month our sales have almost tripled. We have yet to unleash the full power of this program, and are in the process of hiring 3 more sales people, and a part-time office assistant. MarketSharp has really gotten us off the ground quickly, and we expect to quadruple our sales from last year.”

–Rick Sepulveda, Dr. Roof

Now you get the whole “Business In A Box” thing.

No more need to use 896 different programs for 896 different tasks. No more need to spread yourself thinner than a McDonald’s beef patty. No more need to “octopus” while at work.

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Then slap yourself and wake up—MarketSharp is a glorious reality.

Click on MYM’s MarketSharp webpage to discover a dozen other ways MarketSharp CRM can radically improve your business—both operationally and financially.

And if you’re an MYM client new to MarketSharp, the MarketSharp team will cut you a huge exclusive discount (they’re nice like that). Click on our MarketSharp page for the details.

Happy Marketing!

P.S. There’s a reason I’m doing the “heavy pitch” for MarketSharp: It’s the real deal. Period.

MYM doesn’t get a dime from this; I inform MYM readers and clients about any product that I believe will help them. And I am a passionate believer in the overwhelmingly positive effects MarketSharp can have on your business.



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