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How Long Will It Take To See True Results From Your Marketing Campaign

MYM is not a magic bullet
Would you fire your personal trainer if you didn’t get rock-hard, cheese grater-esque abs in four weeks?

Would you dump your golf instructor if you weren’t cranking 350-yard drives after three lessons?

Would you ax your realtor if she didn’t sell your house in 10 days?

No, you wouldn’t.

I mean, that would be silly, right? You can’t expect results in those time frames.

Don’t get mad when you aren’t Tiger Woods after 3 golf lessons.

Don’t get mad when you aren’t Tiger Woods after 3 golf lessons.

It’s the same when you work with MYM.

Amazing results won’t come overnight. They take time.

In fact, here are the estimated time frames for a typical MYM-built website:

  • Initial SEO Optimization: 30 days (continues throughout website-creation process)
  • Website Content/Identity Creation: 30-60 days
  • Website Design & Build: 30 days
  • SEO: 6-9 months to start seeing quality results

Truthfully, 95% of contractors are fine with these timelines before they sign on the dotted line. (To make absolutely sure of this, we spell it out our time-frames about a thousand times before you sign up.)

If, however, you’re in the 5% who balks at the numbers above, MYM probably isn’t for you.

And that’s A-OK. No hard feelings.

And that’s A-OK. No hard feelings.
We’re cool. Honest.

But stop for a second and put those time-frames into perspective.

You can have an awesome, lead-generating website with a robust SEO foundation within just three or four months.

That’ a pretty freaking amazing deal.

Let me show you just how amazing. Here are some recent internet-marketing successes some of our clients have had…

  • A bathroom client got zero results from three SEO companies. We got them ranking in the top 10 for all of their keywords within eight months.
  • A window and door client went from zero SEO presence to ranking on the first page for 97% of their keywords in seven months.
  • A roofing client who loathed PPC gave it a shot with us and generated 42 leads in 60 days… for a cost of only $161.13 per lead.
  • A window client’s website is generating over one lead PER DAY through the site’s contact forms.
  • One client’s Online Reputation Management campaign generated eight new online reviews in a single week.

If you’re the super impatient type, we do offer services you can quickly implement while you’re waiting for your website to be built and your SEO to percolate. This includes PPC, Online Reputation Management, and offline marketing solutions.

So no matter what, you can experience the results-producing creamy goodness of MYM at any time… time after time after time.

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