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The Latest Stats of MYM Pay Per Click Clients

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Last month, I blogged about lead and cost-per-lead stats of five MYM PPC clients. These stats were from the beginning of the year to November 4th.

Today, I want to show you the stats of the same five clients through December 2nd. In parentheses, I’ve denoted the total difference in lead count and cost per lead between November 4th and December 2nd. This will give you a better sense of what to expect from a PPC campaign once it is fully optimized.

Note: The following statistics are not for No-Risk PPC Lead Generation. We’re still in the process of switching over some of our current PPC clients to No-Risk PPC. I tell you this because once these clients are switched over to No-Risk PPC, their monthly lead count will be more static (since THEY will be choosing the amount of leads they want). Their cost per lead, however, will be similar to what you see below.

Company names are kept confidential for privacy purposes. For more in-depth details on client lead amounts and CPL, email us at

  1. Illinois Door Company
    Number of leads since January 2017: 516 (+11)
         b. Cost per lead: $146.35 (-$1.62)
  2. Utah Roofer
         a. Number of leads since January 2017: 611 (+19)
    b. Cost per lead: $58.55 (+$0.35)
  3. Washington Gutter Company
    Number of leads since January 2017: 505 (+22)
    b. Cost per lead: $123.74 (-$0.67)
  4. Tennessee Exterior Remodeler
    Number of leads since January 2017: 851 (+19)
    b. Cost per lead: $169.46 (+$7.76)
  5. Kansas Kitchen and Bath Remodeler
         a. Number of leads since January 2017: 923 (+52)
    b. Cost per lead: $25.35 (-$1.30)


  • As you know, this is the slow season for most contractors. The increase in the amount of leads between November 2nd and December 4th for all clients is much higher during the spring and summer. (For example, client #1 typically experiences 30 to 40 leads per month during the busy season, while client #5 gets over 100 per month.)
  • Cost per lead will fluctuate up and down, depending on difference circumstances. If you’re someone like client #4, a $7.76 increase during one particular month is nothing to worry about (especially when your cost per lead is sub-$200 to begin with!). The cost per lead could just as easily decrease $10 or $15 next month.
  • Depending on your market and how aggressive you want to be, you can experience results like client #1 or #5.

If you think THESE numbers are good, wait until we get these clients locked and loaded with No-Risk PPC Lead Generation. I can’t want to show you THOSE results.

If you’d like to learn more details about what MYM No-Risk PPC Lead Generation can do for your company and profits, visit the official No-Risk PPC webpage. Or, shoot an email to We’d be happy to answer your questions.


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