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Run Your Business With Aaron Rodgers’ Confidence

Green Bay Packers with Aaron Rodgers Confidence

“I feel like we can run the table.”

That’s what Green Bay Packers’ Quarterback Aaron Rodgers said week 10 of the NFL season.

At the time, the Packers were a paltry 4-6 and in danger of missing the playoffs.

Everyone—analysts, fans, critics—was pronouncing them dead in the water.

After Rodgers’ declaration, though, something downright magical happened.

The Packers won their final six games of the regular season, finishing 10-6. They not only made the playoffs, but also won their division.

During the Packers’ regular-season win streak, Rodger’s stats were ridiculously great:

  • 15 touchdown passes
  • 71% pass completions
  • A 121 Quarterback Rating
  • And ZERO interceptions

That’s practically unheard of, even for an elite NFL quarterback.

Rodgers making good on his promise—and doing it in style—surprised everyone… except for Rodgers and the rest of the Packers.

That’s because Rodgers understands the power of positive thinking.

It might sound cheesy, but believing in yourself is one of the keys to unqualified success.

When you have TRUE faith in your abilities—and you tell yourself that you ARE great and that you CAN step up to any challenge, no matter how daunting—you’ll be flat-out amazed at what you can accomplish.

It’s like some hidden, dormant part of your brain awakens. Your self-assurance will shoot through the roof. You’ll feel unstoppable.

Plus, positive thinking is contagious. Put yourself in a positive mindset, and watch it spread to your employees.

Aaron Rodgers is the leader of the Green Bay Packers. He’s the guy the other 52 players on the team look to for inspiration and guidance.

So when Rodgers says he believes his Packers can run the table, his teammates gain a huge confidence boost. “If our leader believes in me, then I believe in me.”

And this positive thinking is still working for the Packers well into the playoffs—they sent my Dallas Cowboys (the #1 seed) packing in dramatic fashion.
When you inspire your own team with the power of positive thinking, they’ll start to put in more effort, work smarter, and become more loyal.

And when you AND your team tackle the job with a positive mindset, that’s when you can achieve Aaron Rodgers “run-the-table”-type success.

P.S. Next post, I’ll show you how to make this Home Show season MVP-worthy and achieve 2 to 10 times more leads.  Stay tuned.

P.S.S  Aaron Rodgers might be a witch.


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Why We Literally Save This Gutter Client’s PPC Budget For A Rainy Day

is grunge music related to PPC
When I think of Seattle, here’s what comes to mind:

  1. The Seattle Seahawks
  2. Grunge music
  3. Rain
  4. Lots and lots of rain

Not necessarily in that order.

While the whole “it rains 24/7 in Seattle” is a myth, the city does get more precipitation than any place in the U.S. not named Portland, Oregon.

Here is what’s not a myth, though…

When the raindrops fall, gutter sales spike.

So when one of our gutter clients with locations in Seattle AND Portland needed a PPC campaign, we needed to find a way to take advantage of increased consumer interest in gutters that comes with rainy days.

Our PPC team put on their thinking caps… and it didn’t take long for them to concoct a brilliant solution: automate the client’s PPC spend based on the weather.

To do this, we linked the algorithm of the local weather channel app to our client’s PPC campaign. We set the parameters for the bidding, so the client’s campaign would automatically adjust those amounts based on the weather.

The result: Whether it rains at 2:47pm on a Tuesday or 4:21am on a Sunday, our system knows it and automatically increases the client’s PPC bid.

This allows the client to stay at #1 in the ad rankings and makes it impossible for other companies to outbid them.

Check. Mate.

And we’re just getting warmed up with this new innovation.

During the next cycle, we’ll research exactly how MUCH rain triggers more website traffic and conversions. Then we’ll fine-tune the weather parameters accordingly.

Once we perfect the system, our client should have a monopoly on the frequent rainy-day gutter-sale surges Seattle and Portland experience.

This is the kind of cutting-edge problem solving you get only with MYM PPC.

Here’s what else you get with MYM that you won’t with just about anyone else:

  • Tracking of how many LEADS… not just clicks… you get
  • Recording your phone call conversations to see how well—or poorly—the people answering your phones are setting appointments (and advice for how to improve)
  • Transcriptions of all your website chats
  • Exhaustive weekly reporting on every single detail of your PPC campaign
  • A guaranteed Cost Per Lead of $200

Trust me… PPC competition is so fierce these days that you NEED these kinds of innovations to maximize your results.

Best of all? Our prices are in line with—or even less than—the PPC guys who DON’T offer all of this awesome stuff.

Click right here for more info on our PPC Services.

And if you want to see how your current PPC campaign is performing, sign up for a free Lead Generation Audit. We’ll provide you with a detailed report on how your PPC campaign (and SEO) is performing for you, as well as ironclad ways to boost results.


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How Long Will It Take To See True Results From Your Marketing Campaign

MYM is not a magic bullet
Would you fire your personal trainer if you didn’t get rock-hard, cheese grater-esque abs in four weeks?

Would you dump your golf instructor if you weren’t cranking 350-yard drives after three lessons?

Would you ax your realtor if she didn’t sell your house in 10 days?

No, you wouldn’t.

I mean, that would be silly, right? You can’t expect results in those time frames.

Don’t get mad when you aren’t Tiger Woods after 3 golf lessons.

Don’t get mad when you aren’t Tiger Woods after 3 golf lessons.

It’s the same when you work with MYM.

Amazing results won’t come overnight. They take time.

In fact, here are the estimated time frames for a typical MYM-built website:

  • Initial SEO Optimization: 30 days (continues throughout website-creation process)
  • Website Content/Identity Creation: 30-60 days
  • Website Design & Build: 30 days
  • SEO: 6-9 months to start seeing quality results

Truthfully, 95% of contractors are fine with these timelines before they sign on the dotted line. (To make absolutely sure of this, we spell it out our time-frames about a thousand times before you sign up.)

If, however, you’re in the 5% who balks at the numbers above, MYM probably isn’t for you.

And that’s A-OK. No hard feelings.

And that’s A-OK. No hard feelings.
We’re cool. Honest.

But stop for a second and put those time-frames into perspective.

You can have an awesome, lead-generating website with a robust SEO foundation within just three or four months.

That’ a pretty freaking amazing deal.

Let me show you just how amazing. Here are some recent internet-marketing successes some of our clients have had…

  • A bathroom client got zero results from three SEO companies. We got them ranking in the top 10 for all of their keywords within eight months.
  • A window and door client went from zero SEO presence to ranking on the first page for 97% of their keywords in seven months.
  • A roofing client who loathed PPC gave it a shot with us and generated 42 leads in 60 days… for a cost of only $161.13 per lead.
  • A window client’s website is generating over one lead PER DAY through the site’s contact forms.
  • One client’s Online Reputation Management campaign generated eight new online reviews in a single week.

If you’re the super impatient type, we do offer services you can quickly implement while you’re waiting for your website to be built and your SEO to percolate. This includes PPC, Online Reputation Management, and offline marketing solutions.

So no matter what, you can experience the results-producing creamy goodness of MYM at any time… time after time after time.

Visit the MYM website for more info.




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Legendary Marketing Tips From A Violent Madman

marketing tips to knock out competition
“Holy crap, this guy is insane.”

That’s what I said the first time I saw UFC fighter Conor McGregor give an interview.

He’s loud, arrogant, funny, and swears like a sailor who just stubbed his toe.

Here’s an interview he gave immediately after becoming the first UFC fighter to hold championship belts in two weight divisions at once:

Conor McGregor UFC interview
If you’re thinking, “This guy sounds like a crude, cocky jerk,” you’re supposed to. This is the type of personality many UFC fans respond to… and McGregor knows it.

Despite his sometimes crude and Neanderthal-like behavior, McGregor is a savvy marketer—one of the best I’ve seen in an athlete.

McGregor’s marketing acumen makes him the UFC’s richest and most popular fighter. And it’s not even close. With an annual salary of $22-million per year, he’s the only UFC fighter to ever make Forbes’ list of richest athletes.

McGregor’s eight-figure salary allows him to live an extravagant lifestyle:

  • He regularly drops $10,000 on custom-tailored suits.
  • He recently spent $100K at a high-end jeweler on a whim.
  • He once rented and stayed at a seven-bedroom, 12,000-square-foot mansion in Las Vegas leading up to a fight in the city.

When the guy spends, he spends BIG.

Maybe too big in some folks’ eyes.

But guess what?

He’s making $22-million per year, and they’re not. He doesn’t give a flying fart what people think.

Here’s the point…

When you’re the best in the biz—not only at what you do, but MARKETING what you do—you make giant stacks of cash.

So much cash that you can spend it however the heck you want… and still have stacks on stacks to spare.

  • Want to splurge on 50-yard line tickets to Super Bowl LI? You can.
  • Want to take multiple Caribbean vacations a year? You can.
  • Want to build your dream house in your dream neighborhood? You can.

The question is, how do you take your marketing to this level?

It’s not easy; thousands of business owners and contractors try to “crack the code” every year… and fail.

But, unlike you, they don’t have me in your corner going Mickey Goldmill on you.

So allow me to reveal Conor McGregor’s 5 Big Secrets To Unparalleled Marketing Success:

1. Be Bold

You don’t need to be over the top like Conor McGregor, but grabbing people’s attention and getting noticed is a big part of the marketing battle.

Most UFC fighters are the same ol’ boring meatheads who can barely string together two sentences. McGregor, however, ALWAYS has something interesting to say. The fact that he’s not a lifeless lunkhead is enough to set him apart and make UFC fans love him.

It’s the same with home improvement contractors. Ninety-nine percent of them say the same ol’ boring crap that no one cares about:

“Expert craftsmanship.” “Quality service.” “Great results.”


How about instead of saying, “We deliver great results,” you say this instead:

miller home improvements - we hate ordinary
BAM—how refreshingly candid, different, and attention-grabbing is that? In an industry where every company parrots each other’s talking points, saying something like this is all it takes to stand out.

2. Be Confident

Conor McGregor is incredibly confident. He truly believes he can beat anyone, even guys twice his size. And he’s not afraid to say it.

When you’re marketing yourself, you need to have this type of confidence and let others know about it.


Confidence is contagious.

When people see you’re confident in your abilities, they believe you can do what you say.

Let’s use copy from one of our client’s—Miller Home Improvements—homepage as an example:

“We’re a team of creative masterminds who provide extraordinary, one-of-a-kind remodels. We live for challenging, distinctive projects other contractors wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole.

Bring us your most challenging project idea—even a downright crazy one—and we’ll formulate a plan to make it happen… then flawlessly execute it to deliver exactly what you dreamed up.

If you’re a homeowner, reading this can’t help but make you feel ultra confident that these guys can provide you with an amazing remodel.

3. Have Passion

Conor McGregor LOVES punching people for a living. You can see it during every fight and in every interview. He pours every waking hour into becoming a better fighter because that’s his PASSION.

You need to have that same passion for YOUR craft. Not just for designing and building projects, but also for helping people. And then you need to communicate that passion in your marketing. Let everyone know you love what you do.

Because, when you get down to it, helping people is what home improvement is all about. If you have a passion for that, it will show in your work… and elevate you to amazing new levels of success.

4. Have An Identity

McGregor’s “shtick” is that he’s blunt, loud, and extravagant. And UFC fans (McGregor’s market) eat it up. His identity has become so powerful that it has now become synonymous with the UFC.

So, what does YOUR specific market respond to?

Do they want a low-stress project? A remodel on a budget? A high-end renovation that costs six figures? Someone who will just plain do the job well for a reasonable price?

Once you figure that out, package it into a powerful, passionate identity you use in all your marketing. The goal is to make your specific market instinctively think of YOU when they need a project.

5. Be Great

If you’re going to say you’re awesome, you better be able to back it up.

McGregor is the first UFC fighter to hold championship belts in two weight classes at once. His record is 21-3, and he’s only lost one fight in the past six years (and that was when he moved up a weight class to fight someone a lot bigger than him).

McGregor backs up his brash talk… and then some. If you’re going to talk a big game in your marketing, you need to do the same.

If you say you provide amazing installation, you make sure every last nail is hammered and every caulk line is 100% straight. If you say you deliver great customer service, you better make sure every single customer gets the “King of England” treatment from start to finish.

Because if you fail to deliver on the promises you make in your marketing, word that you’re a phony will spread like wildfire.

Now Go Knock Out The Competition

Follow the “Conor McGregor” marketing blueprint, and you’ll be on your way to becoming one of the biggest, baddest, and richest contractors in your field.

And if you need someone experienced in your corner to help, you know who to turn to.

P.S. Would you get mad at your personal trainer if you didn’t get washboard abs in two weeks? No, because expecting results in that timeframe is silly. But if you stick with it, you absolutely will get the results you want—and they’ll likely be better than you could have imagined.  It’s the same when you work with MYM, and in my next post I’ll tell you why.


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