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deck builder website

On March 27th of this year, we launched one of our latest client websites. It’s for a deck-building contractor from San Antonio, TX called Paradise Decks & Spas.

The last time Paradise updated their website was in 2012, and they hired a different online marketing company (one that does not specialize in contractor websites) to build it.

Here’s a look at their old website…

Old Homepage

Paradise Decks -- Homepage -- Before

(Text reads: “Paradise Decks and Spas has earned the reputation as one of the finest residential and commercial deck builders in San Antonio and Austin.  We have completed several thousand projects and additions throughout the San Antonio and Austin areas. Offering decks and much more, our creative designs and the quality of materials are second to none and our customers reap the benefits. What sets us apart as a leader in customer service is the individual attention we give to each deck, arbor, patio cover, gazebo, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces we build. Click above to get more information or get a free estimate online.”)

Old Decks Page

Paradise Decks and Spas Website Before 2

(Text reads: “Paradise Decks and Spas will be happy to assist you in the design of your new custom deck, or we will build your plan. We feature Western Red Cedar, Exotic Hardwoods such as Ipe’, Tigerwood, Massaranduba, Cumaru, Garapa, and Argentina, as well as a full range of easy care composites such as Latitudes, Class A fire rated AmeraDeck, Trex, EON, Evergrain and more.”)

Paradise Decks & Spas liked some elements of their old website. But it was starting to show its age (that background wallpaper!) and lacked a strong Identity. You can tell the content was obviously written to get noticed by search engines, which made it uninteresting and awkward to read.

So the company came to us to help them build a contemporary website and create a powerful, passionate, and precise Identity that would make prospects take action.

Here’s the result:

New Homepage (above the fold):

Paradise - After - Above Fold

New Homepage (below the fold):

Paradise - After - Below Fold

As you can see, the design is fresh and modern. The colors pop. The Identity is out in full force. And having a message directly from the homeowner on the homepage hooks prospects right from the get go.

This is the kind of quality website and content you NEED to stand a chance in the home improvement industry.

I mean, let’s face it…

Home renovation is not cheap. And research shows that over 90% of people (yes, NINETY PERCENT!) check out a contractor’s website before they decide to make contact for an estimate.

If your website doesn’t dazzle your prospects from the first second—and doesn’t clearly state why they should choose YOU—you’re dead in the water. It’s that simple.

Take a look at Paradise Decks and Spas full website. Go ahead and browse around the site. You’ll discover that every single page—from the Services section to the About section to the Why Choose Us section—is crafted for maximum prospect engagement.

And if you think our website services are something you could use, give us a call at (817) 416-4333 or use the chat box on our website (it’ll pop up in the lower-left corner of the page).


P.S. Next, I’ll lay out the five most common reasons contractors stick to websites that don’t convert. A couple of them may surprise you… and cause some self-reflection regarding your own website.

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