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Why We Literally Save This Gutter Client’s PPC Budget For A Rainy Day

is grunge music related to PPC
When I think of Seattle, here’s what comes to mind:

  1. The Seattle Seahawks
  2. Grunge music
  3. Rain
  4. Lots and lots of rain

Not necessarily in that order.

While the whole “it rains 24/7 in Seattle” is a myth, the city does get more precipitation than any place in the U.S. not named Portland, Oregon.

Here is what’s not a myth, though…

When the raindrops fall, gutter sales spike.

So when one of our gutter clients with locations in Seattle AND Portland needed a PPC campaign, we needed to find a way to take advantage of increased consumer interest in gutters that comes with rainy days.

Our PPC team put on their thinking caps… and it didn’t take long for them to concoct a brilliant solution: automate the client’s PPC spend based on the weather.

To do this, we linked the algorithm of the local weather channel app to our client’s PPC campaign. We set the parameters for the bidding, so the client’s campaign would automatically adjust those amounts based on the weather.

The result: Whether it rains at 2:47pm on a Tuesday or 4:21am on a Sunday, our system knows it and automatically increases the client’s PPC bid.

This allows the client to stay at #1 in the ad rankings and makes it impossible for other companies to outbid them.

Check. Mate.

And we’re just getting warmed up with this new innovation.

During the next cycle, we’ll research exactly how MUCH rain triggers more website traffic and conversions. Then we’ll fine-tune the weather parameters accordingly.

Once we perfect the system, our client should have a monopoly on the frequent rainy-day gutter-sale surges Seattle and Portland experience.

This is the kind of cutting-edge problem solving you get only with MYM PPC.

Here’s what else you get with MYM that you won’t with just about anyone else:

  • Tracking of how many LEADS… not just clicks… you get
  • Recording your phone call conversations to see how well—or poorly—the people answering your phones are setting appointments (and advice for how to improve)
  • Transcriptions of all your website chats
  • Exhaustive weekly reporting on every single detail of your PPC campaign
  • A guaranteed Cost Per Lead of $200

Trust me… PPC competition is so fierce these days that you NEED these kinds of innovations to maximize your results.

Best of all? Our prices are in line with—or even less than—the PPC guys who DON’T offer all of this awesome stuff.

Click right here for more info on our PPC Services.

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