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The Question the Smartest Remodelers Ask About PPC Advertising

The Question the Smartest Remodelers Ask About PPC Advertising

You’ve been hearing me talk about No-Risk PPC Lead Generation a lot.

As a result, I’ve received a ton of questions like…

  • “Is it really risk free?”
  • “What is the lead quality?”
  • “Is there a commitment?”

I covered those questions last week.  You can also read some more PPC questions + answers on the No-Risk PPC Lead Generation page, or by emailing us at

But a few smart remodelers have asked me the one question that shows they really “get it.”

That question is…

“What Is The Maximum Number Of Leads Can You Get Me?”

Now THIS is a great question.

Think about it.

If I can really get you high-quality leads (not clicks, but LEADS) with an absolute guaranteed max cost of $200 (most clients come in between $120 and $165)… why on Earth you would NOT want every single lead I could possibly get for you?

One smart window company in Pennsylvania called me and said, “I’ll start with 100 a month, then up it as many as you can deliver starting in January.”

Another intrepid remodeler in Milwaukee simply said, “I’ll take 1,000 a month if you can generate them—but it will take me a few weeks to up my capacity to handle them all.”

(I love the Milwaukee remodeler’s spirit, but we can’t deliver THAT many leads in the Milwaukee area, lol.  We estimate 130 to 180 per month for that market.)

And why not dream big? No-Risk PPC Lead Generation is the easiest and most cost-effective way to generate leads and spike sales.

Case in point…

One of our clients spends $70,000 a month on PPC. He just sold his company to a private equity firm for MEGA bucks.

Another one of our clients averages $230,000 a month on PPC. Yes, two-hundred and thirty thousand dollars a month. They just sold to a different private equity firm for MEGA-ER bucks.

Yes, your company may be smaller, and unable to the amount of leads these guys can.

But for crying out loud… some people have asked me the MINIMUM number of leads No-Risk PPC can generate.

Honestly, I don’t get it.

Why would you want the minimum?

(I know, I know… smaller company, capacity, and so on. But still!)

Anyway, if you want the largest number of leads you can possibly handle, let’s talk. Shoot an email to or visit the No Risk PPC Lead Generation page and fill out the contact form.


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Raw, Unfiltered Results of No-Risk PPC Clients

PPC Leads

Want unequivocal proof that No-Risk PPC Lead Generation creates a lead overload for contractors?

Here are the latest stats for five of our current PPC clients…

(Note: Company names kept confidential for privacy purposes. For more in-depth details on client lead amounts and CPL, email us!

  1. Illinois Door Company
    • Number of leads since January 2017: 499
    • Cost per lead: $147.97
  2. Utah Roofer
    • Number of leads since January 2017: 592
    • Cost per lead: $58.20
  3. Washington Gutter Company
    • Number of leads since January 2017: 483
    • Cost per lead: $124.41
  4. Tennessee Exterior Remodeler
    • Number of leads since January 2017: 565
    • Cost per lead: $161.70
  5. Kansas Kitchen and Bath Remodeler
    • Number of leads since January 2017: 682
    • Cost per lead: $26.65!

Remember: The amount of leads will go UP and the cost per lead will go DOWN the longer a PPC campaign runs. This is because a PPC campaign ages like fine wine—the longer it sets, the better it gets.

Also remember: We only consider leads to be people who contact you who are interested in the service YOU provide.

Hang-ups, warranty calls, calls from outside your service area, and calls from folks looking for what you don’t provide do NOT count as leads.

Here is an example of a lead taken from one of our window client’s online chats:

“We have 11 windows that need to be replaced. We remodeled the interior of our home last year, and we are now working on the exterior. Windows is part of it.  We are replacing exterior next week.”

Now, here is an example from the same client’s online chat that we did NOT count as a lead, since it was outside the client’s service area:

“Does your company do siding & deck jobs in [city]? Looking to get the siding replaced and the deck on the house replaced. Do you only do vinyl siding?  I’m looking to get a few bids, Thanks.”

Bottom line: We’re uncompromising about what we consider a lead. If it’s someone in your area interested in the services you provide, it’s a lead. Anything else is not.

Email us at to learn more about No-Risk PPC Lead Generation, our unprecedented $200 or less cost-per-lead guarantee, and our “pay as you go” model. Unlike other PPC companies, we don’t require you to pay a monthly PPC budget—you pay ONLY for the leads ONLY after we deliver them to you.


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Whoops: The Way You’re Buying PPC Is Wrong

ripped off by a la carte ppc pricing
I’m speaking at a national conference in Las Vegas in November.

Since I’m OCD about planning, yesterday I started researching flights to Vegas from Dallas.

I visited the website of a major airline I’d never used before. I heard they were pretty cheap, so decided to book my flight through them.

When I input the dates for my trip on the website, I was impressed by the flights and prices it turned up for me.

I could fly to Las Vegas from Dallas and back for $118.19 each way ($236.38 total).

These were flights at reasonable times, too—not some redeye 2 am departures.

“Not too shabby!” I thought.

So I clicked through to proceed with booking my tickets.

And that’s when things got ugly… and expensive.

While airlines will charge you for things like checked baggage and first-class upgrades, this particular airline charges à la carte for a bunch of other stuff.

And by “bunch of other stuff,” I mean LITERALLY EVERYTHING.

As I went through the booking process, I was met with multiple pages of “optional upgrades” for not-so-reasonable fees.

Here are the extra fees I encountered (with my reactions below each one):

  • Checked baggage fee: $35.00 each way
    o    Me: “Okay, that’s normal.” (clicks to next page)
  • Online booking fee: $33.98
    o    Me: “Really? Alright, whatever. It’s still a decent overall price.” (clicks to next page)
  • Seat-choosing fee: $40.00
    o    Me: Seriously? I’m flying coach!” (begrudgingly clicks to next page)
  • Carry-on fee: $39.00 each way
    o    Me: “A freaking CARRY-ON fee?” (starting to see red while clicking to next page)
  • In-flight peanuts and water: $6.00 each way
    o    “I don’t even get free peanuts?! Oh, come on!” (slams laptop shut)

The final total for my “$236.38” roundtrip flight came to $430.38… 45% more than advertised. About the only thing this airline didn’t charge for was using the bathroom.

I guess I shouldn’t have been THAT surprised. Airlines nickel-and-dime like this all the time.

But this particular airline’s price gouging was on a totally different level… as in, “typical-PPC-company-price-gouging” level.

I’ll explain.

Some PPC companies like to lure prospects in with low advertised prices. What they neglect to tell you is that these advertised prices don’t include components your PPC company unequivocally NEEDS to succeed:

  • Job map functionality.
  • Mobile campaigns.
  • Google Review implementation.
  • Re-targeting ad design.
  • And then some.

If you want these features (which you do), you have to pay à la carte for each.

By the time you buy up everything you need, you’re spending up to thousands more per month than what you originally intended.

Let’s go through an example based on real industry averages.

Say a roofing company wants to run a PPC campaign, and they set a budget of $3,200 per month with $1,824 going to ad spend.

If they hire an “à la carte” PPC provider—and want all the necessary stuff to ensure a successful campaign—it’s going to cost them.


Here’s a breakdown of the roofing company’s REAL PPC costs (again these are based on industry-average prices):

  • AdWords Management Fee: $440 per month
  • Mobile Campaign: $350 per month (+$299 set up fee)
  • Online Chat: $35 per chat (+$200 set up fee and assuming they generate 10 chats per month)
  • Google Review System: $299 per month (+$149 set up fee)
  • Job Map Service: $99 per month (+$99 set up fee)
  • Re-targeting Budget: $200 per month (+$399 set up fee)
  • Transcription: $96 per month
  • Reporting: $80 per month

Total Monthly Budget: $3,200

REAL Monthly Cost: $4,884

Percentage Actually Going Toward Ad Spend: 37.3%

Amount Over Budget: $1,684

Even when you take out the initial set up fees, the roofing company would still go over budget every month by over $500.

Yeah, PPC is a “takes money to make money” endeavor. But it should never take THIS much.

At MYM, we do PPC the right way. We include every feature necessary for a successful PPC campaign in one low monthly price.

Here is what that roofing company would invest in PPC with MYM if they signed a 12-month agreement (assuming the same $3,200 budget, $1,824 ad spend, and 10 chats generated):

  • Online Chat: $35 per chat (Note: only actual leads are counted)
  • $950 monthly cost, including…
    o    Transcriptions
    o    Reporting
    o    AdWords Management
    o    Mobile Campaign
    o    Google Review System
    o    Job Map Service
    o    Re-Targeting Ad Design
    o    $0 set-up fee

Total Monthly Budget: $3,200

REAL Monthly Cost: $3,124

Percentage Actually Going Toward Ad Spend: 58.3%

Amount Over Budget: $0.00 (with change to spare)

Factoring in our lack of set up fees, it cost the roofing company $1,760 LESS that first month of their campaign…. and over $500 less every month after that.

And they’ll get better results with us. (We’re the only PPC provider that GUARANTEES at least 15 leads per month for less than $200 per lead.)

You’re probably wondering how the heck we offer ALL of the things other companies do… but at a much lower price.
It’s simple.

Stats show some PPC companies have up to a 60% (!!!) client churn-over rate every year. That’s insane… but it’s the price of doing business when you’re in the business of price gouging.

We prefer forging long-term relationships with our clients. And the way to do that is to ensuring you have EVERYTHING you need for a successful PPC campaign—without ANY nickel and diming.


Find out more about how our PPC services can produce loads of quality internet leads for you every month.


P.S. Want to know just HOW much money you’re wasting on your current PPC efforts? Request a Free Lead Generation Audit. We’ll put ALL of your online marketing efforts under the microscope, determine the problem areas, and show you how to fix your issues.

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The Legit PPC Tactic That Everyone Thinks Is Dirty

Legit PPC Tactics
Believe it or not, when it comes to PPC for Remodelers (or any business, really)…

…Bidding on a competitor’s name for your PPC campaign is not only kosher, but it’s also highly effective.

That’s what one of our clients recently discovered.

Here’s the story…

This client was dead set against anything and everything PPC.

His opinion was that it cost too much, it didn’t work, organic leads were better, and all the typical stuff the chorus of PPC skeptics repeat over and over.

One day, the client calls our Digital Services Director and says his competitor is getting way more leads than he is. He wanted to know why this was, and what MYM could do about it.

One quick Google search of our client’s company name is all it took to discover the problem…

His competitor was doing PPC… and bidding on our client’s name!

When we told our client the news, smoke poured out of his ears.

He wanted to know how the heck a competitor using his company’s name against him was fair practice.

After we explained it’s 100% white hat to bid on competitors’ names—and that it’s actually common—his blood pressure came back down to ordinary human levels. That’s when he realized he had to give PPC a shot.

Here’s what happened…

We launched the client’s PPC campaign on August 9th, 2016 with a monthly spend of around $3,000.

Our first step was to stop our client from hemorrhaging internet leads to his competitor.

We bid on our client’s name in an attempt to strong-arm his competitor’s PPC ads out of our client’s staked internet turf.

And it worked.

Shortly after we launched the client’s PPC campaign, his competitor’s PPC ads disappeared when you searched our client’s name. Our client’s PPC ads took their place.

Moral of the story: While it might seem like a waste of money to bid on your own name, it’s sometimes necessary to keep YOUR leads in YOUR wheelhouse. (Plus, it’s usually cheap.)

But using PPC to “play defense” against our client’s competitor was only a small part of the plan.

After we vanquished our client’s PPC opponent, the next step was to unleash an all-out PPC onslaught to get leads… lots and lots of leads.

Mission: Stunningly Successful.

Within 60 days of launching the client’s PPC campaign, we’ve delivered him 42 juicy leads for a dirt-cheap cost of $161.13 per lead.

Here’s a look:

PPC campaign numbers
And guess what?

As of today, the client’s cost per lead continues to trend down, while the number of leads pouring in goes up.

Yeah… it’s safe to say this client has changed his tune about PPC.

Here’s the takeaway…

You may be a PPC “Doubting Thomas.” But I guarantee you are nowhere near as cynical as this client was before we converted him into a “True Believer” in the power of PPC for Remodelers.

Honestly, the same is true for ALL remodelers. Exterior Remodelers, Painting Contractors, Siding Installation Companies, Window Replacement Companies, Interior Remodelers, …. I could go on and on.

For us to achieve this level of PPC success for you, though, you have to listen to exactly what we say.

  • When we crunch the numbers for your PPC budget and tell you how much to spend, that’s how much you should spend.
  • When we tell you that you’re missing too many calls during business hours, you better have someone manning your phones to take those hot-and-ready-to-go PPC leads that call you.
  • When we review your missed opportunities with you (we record your phone calls and online chats, so you can see and fix your issues), take our advice for improvement.

Follow those simple instructions, and I guarantee—yes, GUARANTEE—MYM PPC will make you money.

It has for every single one of our PPC clients who play by the MYM rulebook.

Here’s a more complete picture on  how our PPC delivers droves of cash-in-hand leads to your doorstep.

P.S. Here is a webinar I held in which I destroy everything you THINK you know about PPC, and why you’re getting screwed if you aren’t doing it the right way. She’s a long one, clocking in at 1 hour and 17 minutes. So if you only have a precious few minutes to spare, watch from 8:07 to 16:00 for a quick breakdown of why PPC is essential, and the three biggest reasons most contractors screw it up.

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