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Proximity Marketing: How To Turn Every Job Into 2 or 3 More.

Pre-Positioning: How To Make Prospects Fall In Love With You… Before Your Sales Person Ever Shows Up.

Referrals: How To Get More Of Them Than Ever Before.

Watch Monopolize Your Marketplace CEO Rich Harshaw as he packs 3 NEW RULES of CONTRACTOR MARKETING topics into one compact, 80-minute webinar! These topics might LOOK like “old standbys,” but wait until you learn the NEW WAYS THAT ACTUALLY WORK!

Proximity Marketing

  • Why “3 postcards and pray” proximity marketing never works and never will work
  • 9 steps of Super Robust Proximity Marketing… including step-by-step implementation
  • How to handle the dirty work without getting your hands dirty (thank you, Marketsharp!!)

Pre-Positioning Marketing

  • Why pre-positioning is absolutely critical if you want to maximize home improvement lead conversion
  • Why your current pre-positioning efforts are probably falling short of their potential, and how to fix them
  • Principles of “confirmation bias,” price conditioning, and reciprocity
  • Details on the 4 components of pre-positioning, and how to implement them all
  • Financial implications of pre-positioning including execution costs and expected returns
  • See samples of pre-positioning packages

Referral Generation

  • Why just “asking for referrals” doesn’t work… and never will work
  • A 3-step system that will instantly increase referrals by 50% to 100%
  • How to realistically build your referral business to at least a quarter of your business or more
  • Pros and cons of putting formal referral reward programs in place.

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