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Why I Spent 90 Minutes Reading Reviews For A 99-Cent App

Baseball Team On Bench

The aluminum baseball bat hit the 14-year-old boy’s skull with the force of a “for-the-fences” swing.

As if the kid’s neck were the tee, his head the ball, and Barry Bonds was at the plate.

The result? It looked something like this:

14-year-old boy's skull vs aluminum bat

Note: Not the actual kid.

Let me back up and give you some context for this gruesome story.

When I’m not helping contractors make millions of dollars, I coach a youth baseball team.

Last year during practice, one of my players got smacked in the noggin with a bat (long story, but just know it wasn’t on purpose!).

The kid ended up okay—teenage boys have thick skulls.

After the incident, I needed a way to send all parents info regarding player safety, but I didn’t have a way to do it efficiently. (Don’t get me started on iPhone group texts—setting those up is a nightmare.)

So one night I thumbed over to the app store on my phone to find a solution.

I immediately found an app for 99 cents called Text2Group, which lets you quickly and conveniently send group texts without performing the 27 steps “normal” mass texting requires.

But instead of downloading it right away, I spent 90 minutes reading the reviews.

Yes, for a 99-cent app.

Listen. Despite what my kids tell you, I’m not a cheapskate.

I always get the $2 scoop of guacamole on my burrito at Chipotle. And I always pay the extra $5 for the “premium” carwash.

Living large is just how I roll.

So, no, the 99-cent price tag wasn’t the problem.

What made me hesitate was some reviews said the app won’t work unless you mess with some settings on your phone.

No bueno.

I wanted a solution that conveniently solved my texting problem… not created a new one.

But since this was the only app that provided what I wanted, I tried to find a user review that outlined an easy workaround.

Ninety minutes later, I found a solution and shelled out the 99 cents.

Here’s the moral of the story…

The age-old adage that “it’s not about price, but value” rings truer than it ever has.

It’s why people pay $250 for running shoes, $5,000 on workout equipment, and $100,000+ on luxury cars.

As long as the texting app provided a solution to my problem, I didn’t care if it cost me $1 or $100.

You prove you can solve a problem, and people will pay… period.

And the easiest, most powerful way to prove your product’s or service’s worth? Great online reviews… and lots of ’em.

Online reviews are the most powerful form of social proof today. So much so that new research shows 90% of people read online reviews about a contractor before calling them.

Yes… a whopping 9 out of 10!

This is why contractors with great online reviews reach peak profits and attain unqualified success and riches.

And it’s why guys with poor online reviews—or none at all—quickly sink to pits of the contractor pecking order.

So… where do you land on this scale?

Click here and take 30 seconds to use our free Review Scan to find out. It will generate an instant online-reputation report of your company, so you can discover exactly what your reputation looks like across the Web.

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Batter up!

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